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The Lyme and Epstein Barr Affair

Looking for a pandemic?

I know of a few and a mexican beer ain't one!

Whilst the world is hiding on last years flu and breathing in there own exhaust fumes in a hunt for health!!! Perplexing, yes, very. However rest assured there may be no pandemic as per script however there are others that have been creeping around for a very long time affecting large amounts of the populations. Viruses in general cause problems to the energy and function of cells, Here is a little background as to where I found a potential origin of viruses in the nephilm

As I appreciate a virus to mean a chemical chain which requires a host. They can appear like a little grinch inside of your cells stealing your ATP energy and altering codons. They change the blueprint of the cells and through mitosis it becomes the new program. Veering each cell away from its original plan. The host becomes tired and over long periods of time little break downs of cells all over the body. Although non-intelligent they do each have a program of damage / de-construction / de-filement. Within a host it continues to live and clone itself within cells. They are so tiny that it was the 1930's/40's before a microscope was developed with enough amplification to be able to see them.

Modern science invests massively in analysing, reproducing, synthetically combing and genetically modifying viruses, has not yet made a remedy to remove them from your body. Nor have they come up with a remedy for worms, funguses, candida, moulds, helicobacter pylori, e-coli and the list goes on, these are common everyday issues most people are struggling with and in time there health is being jeopardised. Herbal tinctures can and does remove all the above. Frequency can too and possibly better as we have moved into the age of Aquarius all technology has gone into the airwaves, as has war and can health. There is no limit in frequency hertz and magnetism. Gold.


1920's Germany lyme was a tick bit from the Blackforest in Germany which made its way to America during Project Paperclip. As German scientists and others were brought into the US military, intelligence and industrial military complexes whom got access to the technology and experiments. Bio-chemical warfare is one technology for example. It was said to be brought to Plum Island close to Rhode Island and New York across the bay from 'Old Lyme'. And so the lyme infected ticks come to be in the deers around this area of the North Eastern States of America, radiated outward and is now a global phenomenon.

What is most interesting is how many of the population struggle with lyme and don't even know they have it, often diagnosed as chronic fatigue, fibre myalgia, other auto-immune names. You may well find it in the case of neurological disorders, MS, motor neurons, dementia, alzeihmers, breasts cancer. Any degeneration of brain tissue or other soft tissues of the body lyme ought to be a consideration. For blood testing using hyaluronic acid before test will show better as lyme is a parasite predominantly that doesn't live in the blood however will turn up for food. Coinfections such as bartonella and borrealis also occur and live in the myelin sheaths, under knee caps, along the spine and inside bone plates, it likes connective tissue and your brain. Makes a lot of damage along the digestive tract.

Lyme symptoms lupus cancer breast epstein barr

My own testing has often found Astragalus, Silver and Blackwalnut with wormwood to be very beneficial. Probiotics are helpful as is reducing meats, dairy , acidic foods for a time. Iodine support, once infections have cleared multi minerals and specifics to rebuild the body once again. Klinghardt has developed a lyme multi formula which tastes surprisingly ok is is very good at clearing the smaller infections in harder to reach places such as the brain.. This shows to really help remove the bartonella and borrealis co-infections once the larger paracites and post virus symptoms are removed. Fungal infections in gut are common as is helicobacter pylori in stomach which mastic gum is great for as is liquid cayenne pepper tincture - hot!!

borrelia lyme co infection dietrich klinghardt

It was generally from a tick bite and it usually leaves a nasty mark afterwards. Its very possible that it could come from any insect bite and other possibilities for it in its use over populations, for example in a Beast from the East type scenario. All these storms are manmade - Geo-engineering Also see Smart dust, aluminium nano particles and georgia guide stones.

Dietrich Klinghardt has dedicated a lot of his career to treating lyme and has come up with some interesting solutions that are offering a concrete foundation to base your health from. Finding the bigger picture source of the emotional issues to come by this life path, Treating the parasite, virus, mould, co-infections and cleaning the body of all toxins. It is possible to clean your brain and hydrogen ionising foot spa used whilst taking vitamin C and chlorella or zeolite binders offers excellent results for all these toxins inclusively.

Lyne infection and coinfection
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Epstein Barr Virus

Also known as glandular fever very often get it around mid teens. Can have very severe affects from this age takes a very long time to recover or never fully recovers. Its post viral affects 20 years later may explain a lot of health problems inflammations, general unwellness and tiredness that goes with it as well as poor digestion. Very often people feel the chronic fatigue effects in there 30's.

One of the other issues with Epstein Barr is that 8 minutes on a smart phone can trigger it back on again. Also it is said that 9% of our DNA are our ancestors viruses which can all be turned on with excessive frequency as it weakens the walls of our immune system.

A massive amount of society in Ireland had sore throats, tonsilitis and so forth at younger ages and are suffering many years later with health issues because removing tonsils doesn't fix the actual viral issue which continues until removed.

Many herbal tinctures help here, Lemon Balm is the person is maturing 60's and above and it works so well for old well rooted viruses and is very gentle. Golden Seal is very good and for many viruses such as corona virus by its clearing out of the kidneys, really beneficial for fungal, viral and bacterial issues with particular in the kidneys and bladder. Silver is great and stopping a virus in its tracks and retracting ii into submission. Clove is lovely for the throat glands, the brain glands and the blood. Offers a warm feeling inside too.

Other Great Remedies

NAC - N.Acetyl Cystine which is very useful in the case of infections on nerves alike shingles, any electric feeling in body this helps ease. It supports the liver in cleansing itself, removes herpes viruses, cold sores, warts.

Melatonin - promotes restful deep sleep, cleans the brain, has massive healing effect on body, used in treating oestrogen based cancer cells

Vitamin C- a great cleaner up-erer. Mops up free radicals and escorts them to the exit points. Supports your immune system, Can be taken up to every 20minutes in acute cases. 20mg a day is not unusual in cancer alternative care used with other substances.

Viruses from Dec 2019 -

Zinc with Quercitin

Golden Seak

Vitamin A


Andrographis +


Ki Vita

Gingko Biloboa

Combine and mix with 1/5 phospholipids


Perhaps the truth is the current beta frequencies is the pandemic for it is negatively affecting us all and stealing from our life force energy. However Epstein barr we can treat, the wireless addiction will require further research and probably protective technology such as

Another Panda-monium (have you read about the children with panda eyes - that's sad)

The media is the circus that delivers our script of beliefs that we are to comply with. Force feed horrible untruths which make us feel uncomfortable and then get into order and lined with breathe blockers and awaiting a harmful vaccines. The media is extreme in is propaganda. Completely biased and always against human kind, being kind or vaguely truthful. Lying by omission, leaving out anything worth knowing like hydroxychloroquine is hugely beneficial and may have an incredible effect for lyme sufferers. Malaria is a parasite as is lyme. Obviously natural is my personal preference, I'm simply showing your a chemical miracle cure and we are so so close.

Help yourself, remove old viruses, keep viruses out and feel health - its a good feeling.