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Finola's Story

The Healing Journey

Can surpass your wildest dreams

Finola’s story

Where did the healing journey start from?

Living in Dublin working in Architecture during the celtic tiger era and my body was showing signs of not working properly. Up to this point I had a very happy go lucky freestyle of life. I loved being social, dancing, partying, had enjoyed college, had backpacked Australia for 18 months lived in Cork, Galway, Edinburgh and had a great love of living in the moment knowing everything always works out for me. Until it didn’t any more.

When in the camping in the Northern Territories of Darwin I was bit by more kind of creature and it had left its bubbly mark on my toe for months. Over those months I began to fatigue and feel unwell. Became very pale, digestive system blocked up, swollen and tired all the time. 21 years old at this time, carried on however wasn’t really able to get into the flow I had been so accustomed to.

Returning to Ireland to complete the Interior Architecture Degree I was using stimulants like cigarettes. Coffee, alcohol, chocolate, sweets to keep myself going. This kind of course meant we were often in the studio until 10pm at night getting projects done. I was putting on weight, wasn’t looking for feeling well, dragging myself around.

About a year after college working in Dublin, had given up smoking, had become more conscious of my diet and started doing yoga. The stomach pain was nagging constantly in the background and the tiredness was getting worse. The more yoga I did, the more I felt my body and more the concerning these symptoms became. I started going to the doctor for tests, scans, removed alcohol completely, was making every effort I could to feel better, going to buddhist meditations, reading metaphysical material, mind of matter, attempting to think myself well.

The downhill slope actually started to speed up. I was becoming very very unwell. The pain’s in my stomach were really really loud now and the fatigue was intensifying. I was literally going to work and going home to sleep, would sleep most of the weekends. The doctor I was seeing was very concerned and sent me on to varying specialists, consultants, surgeon’s and a professor. None had any answers and told me in the end I was too young to be sick however could take out my gallbladder as it sometimes works, other than that go home it will work itself out.

I left work as I couldn’t go on, went home and went to bed for 3 full months. Very ill. Was so weak at that point it would take me hours to get the strength to get out of the bed to get to the bathroom. I spent weeks with my own head, my own thoughts torturing myself ploughing through every bad event ever that happened in my life again and again. There is no prison like your own mind.

Alike an angel, help did come. My previous boss recommended a lady he had gone to see and had got good results with. This lady recognised that I had a very strong viral infection wiping out my entire system and had become totally intolerant to gluten. Which was more or less my entire diet at that point, toast and tea was all I could stomach. I was prescribed ionic silver and two other remedies which changed my life, saved my life from the moment I took it. I had a long road with the gluten as I didn’t even now what gluten was back then. However there was some light.

Reading Louise Hays ‘You can Heal your Life’ had a two fold effect, one I blamed myself and this didn’t help anything, however the second was that I could change the path of the rest of my life and take back my power. When you are very weak, this is also bad news as it seems like an impossible task to climb Everest and you can’t even get up the hill from the beach at the bottom of the road – walking backwards I discovered uses less energy, I was stuck there more than once.

The lady who helped me was a Kinesiologist, kind and caring lady by the name of Elma Murphy. It was this experience that changed the course of my life forever.

When I got my strength up enough to get back on my feet, I moved out to Toronto Canada. I went in search of helping myself. Knowing the energy and vibration makes up the universe it was obvious to me that I required energy healing and had never heard of such things in Ireland. Only knew of the church or the doctor. Toronto was a struggle in many ways as I was far from ok however I was ok enough to get a stress free job 10 -4pm and continue on my healing journey. The library was an excellent resource, there was a huge choice of alternative healing books, audio books and fantastic information. I would attend the Robert Schad Naturopathic clinic. Knew every health store intimately and they were like supermarkets in Toronto.

Attended yoga Moksha & Bikram hot room yoga, a more soulful yoga in Roncesvalles Healing centre, which had lots of workshops going on also. Experienced Integrated Energy Healing and later learned how to do it for other people. Freud dream workshops, lots of Yoga, sound healing, found a dance style called groove method which I found incredibly healing and free. I basically spent all my time living an ultra healthy lifestyle, reading positive literature, working on my brain waves and thought frequency, attending every kind of healing modality I could find. Toronto was an amazing experience from the point of view of spiritual growth and physical well being, topped off with Cherry Beach dance party on the beach every Sunday. Super!

The Energy Healing course was a massive awakening experience. I went from taking everything at face value and all that I thought I knew I began to question. I never thought to question before. The world trade centres of 9/11 was the first big eye opener. The more I looked into it rationally the more I saw controlled explosions and a clear inside job. The flood gates opened. Yikes, there was so much that I took for granted as being true that really wasn’t what it appeared to be. Youtube had no censorship back then and I watched hundreds of hours of truthers such as Carrie Cassidy interviews from project camelot, David Wilcock (before he was vriled), Graham Hancock, ancient civilisations, UFO videos, crop circles, videos on the possible beginnings of our civilisations, gold mining in South Africa, the mysteries of worlds long ago Atlantis, Alexandria, Lemuria. I certainly got more than I bargained for with these health problems, and I knew I would never be the same, the world would never look the same ever again.

I was very privileged that I was in a position to have the right work life balance to allow myself to heal and to learn and grow. I was trying to stay in Canada at that time working out visa’s and so forth, however felt a guided message to go home, I had work to do. And that was it, I knew to go. So I spent the last three months in Toronto listening to self healing audio books from the likes of Neale Donald Walsh, Abraham Hicks, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hays, Caroline Myss and so forth whilst drawing up Architectural drawings of my parents home place and how I’d love to renovate it back into its previous glory.

Since returning home I had intended to continue in design however life had other plans for me, I went into Kinesiology training with the intention of helping myself however with the amount of knowledge I had gained I felt I ought to share it and followed through into the diploma of Systematic Kinesiology. I did the Master Instructor level of Integrated Energy Therapy with founder Steven Thayer. Then came to find Peruvian Shamanic Practices by seeking out the Munay Ki rites which I came across at a healing fair in Toronto. This is a hugely unexpected life changing world which brought me to Peru, twice. I came to experience sacred plant medicine San Pedrito in Cusco and Ayahuasca in the Amazon jungle with a very powerful and incredible master of ceremonies. This I enjoyed immensely. Yoga and ayahuasca hit a chord within my soul like it has always been there, like an old friend came to visit.

The Goa Experience Kashish Yoga Beach Party Heavan

Yoga brought me to India three times. First I went to Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Neyyar Dam, Kerala. A girl on the kinesiology basic training had just come back and highly recommended the place. Good enough, tickets booked and off I went. I was a fantastic course. Really tough on the body, still was far from back on top form and eating gluten by accident which didn’t have me in the best of form. However got through it and engaged completely. Very tough training. It was another one of those experiences where you were changed within and would never be the same again.

I later returned to India on the way back from a six week training course in China learning Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Chinese medicine with some Kung Fu forms and quite a bit of endurance training in the depth of Chinese Winter averaging about -15 Degree’s on a mountain. This was incredibly tough, I learned that my body could endure hours of squating and moving be in incredibly pain and a week later be conditioned to be able for it. Your body can take a lot. Thanks to the client who recommended gluten free amino acids to bring with me, life saver, we had pork and rice twice a day egg and rice for breakfast – everything tastes ok with amino acids that tastes like soy sauce.

India is a tough place to visit, after being in China Palolem was like being in paradise. I was so happy, smiling every moment, eating beautiful vegan and vegetarian food full of flavour, beautiful yoga style aerial and yin, all nice and easy. It was such a tonic to my soul. This is why I returned to Palolem on my 3rd trip to India.

Through learning and practising kinesiology I learned how to look after my own body. The stomach pains finally alleviated fully after eight years when I realised it was helicobacter Pylori causing my pains. I have the herbs to remove parasites, viruses, funguses, chemicals, went through many chelation programs to pull out toxic metals and keep myself in tip top form. Its beautiful. It is an art. I am 38 years of age and have better energy than I’ve ever had my whole life, have positive mind set ingrained, and I am able no to keep myself very strong.

Learning the Trade Kinesiology muscle testing muscle test

Over the years I have attended numerous Kinesiologists, energy healers, shamanic healing, plant medicine ceremonies, ostheopaths, chiropractors, aromatherapy, cranial sacral, accupressure, accupuncture, massage of many styles, bars consciousness and several other healers and all have helped me greatly. However I came to notice that without the herbs to clean out the body I would still be with ill health. The physical body will work so long as it is clean, and when it is clean we automatically have positive thoughts and vibrate at a higher frequency.

Then all this work is easy.

Continually training in bio-chemistry with Chris Ashill Smith from Epigenetics Interational, Alison Smith from Metabolics, Primitive Reflexes and Spiritual Kinesiology with Alweena Awen, structural workshops from ex engineer Brian Miller, Cranial bone adjustments four times with Gekbee Strout, Primitive Reflexes and the brain with Neurologist Michael Allen, Meridian system with Marek Urbanowicz from Brighton, have met founder of Systematic Kinesiology Brian Butler and was overjoyed with the opportunity to have two appointments with one of the founding fathers of the whole system in the 1960’s from Arizona, Sheldon Deal (he’s the coolest cowboy I’ve ever met).

Sheldon Deal Dietrich Klinghardt Chris Ashil Smith

Currently moved into the world of physic’s for healing which is singing to my heart with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, a medical doctor, an A&E surgeon, psychologist, who uses acupuncture, homeopathy and trained way back in the day with the original founder of this system Dr George Goodhart. These techniques are streamlined to perfection, he has mastered so many healing arts and has fine tuned the techniques for maximum effect. His speciality is in working with autism, lyme’s and neurological illnesses. It is very easy for me to integrated these techniques into my practice and is overlays very easily. The technology used is extraordinarily powerful and there is an opportunity to bring healing to a new level.

The angels are guiding me, helping me, allowing me to see and guide me to the help that I need. Recently training in Magnified Healing and it has brought such delight to my soul.

Connecting into the Fifth Dimension.

Having a daily practice to keep me aligned.

It is so important to keep grounded, strong, spiritually protected.

I have the skills now to keep my physical body strong, my spiritual body strong and my mind strong. This is the gift that the great creator has offered to me via the path of ill health.

It is truly the greatest gift.

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