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Life on the Other side


It's 2021, the dystopian nightmare has its claws dug in deep.

Most follow, few know the truth.

The Spiritual battle continues on the Earth plane.

It has been 1 year since the voluntary house arrests, flatten the curve (it was always flat) was the carrot on the stick, enticing the cute bunny rabbit down deep into the dark maze "for your safety": "für Ihre Sicherheit" as they once said in Germany. Since when did hiding on your problems ever solve any of them? Or how did young healthy people become the social problem?

For many years I had been looking into 9/11 being an inside job, leading to the annihilation of the middle east. A few Saudi's who couldn't drive a bike, apparently robbed a few planes and drove them into a building, blamed the cia agent osama bin laden from Afganistan and therefore bombed Iraq. The amazement is how big the lie was, and how they had the audacity to present to the world as truth. The 91st floor had interesting residents.

Another large scale deceit was the economic crash in 2008, lead by the banksters and perpetrated via the media. Economy boom followed by economy body slam, this game is easy when you are on top. I don't know enough about the stock exchange to give details other than I'm following gamestop and amc at the moment learning about shorts and how the traders leach tens of millions out of peoples pockets into theirs. Its a game and the billionaires keep winning. A lot of trickster came to the top of these garbage heaps. In every country in the world we are presented with the notion that white collar crime pays, very well.

Felt the soul of the Irish siphoned off around this time. The tech, chemical pharma and vulture funds rooted themselves in tightly. Ireland had a predominant middle class, some were poorer some were richer generally speaking most were doing ok. 13 years later, society is mostly living off social, middle class is a struggling class. Like an abuser requires his prey to be dependant on them, the longer it goes on the less people have and the more they need the bent government to feed them. Perfect situation to carry out Hitler style operations.

For my whole life I've had a reoccurring dream - screaming to help people and they can't hear me - like there is a pane of glass between us. For those blessed with the eyes to see, this nightmare is very real. The heads of the 13 families have planned to eliminate 12/13's of the earths population. These are the same beings that hold millions of human's under the earth in large caverns and cities for generations, baby factories.

I was once naive to the earth controllers, I thought money and power drove the eerily dark ways of planet earth, I've since discovered that adrenochrome / satanic ceremonies and bloody destruction is the food of choice for the dark overlords. These things are not human and thrive on despair and fear energy. Generally about 150 people own most of the shares in all earths corporations. It is the same agenda running through them all. It has been happening since the nephilm invasion, its not a new concept however last year they showed themselves, it's not behind the scenes, they came forward from the shadows, that's when you know the light frequency is at play here, this is where you know the real battle is happening, now.

Pyramid of power Ireland

The financial system is not a money system, its a debt system. Banks make money from debt, debt slaves are controllable. stopping the world economy increases their power and control.

General situation


Blocks your Oxygen supply, Hypoxia

Oxygen is the ultimate nutrient

Ideal environment for disease

Slow suicide

Blocking life giving prana

Degradation of human's

Mimics dark ceremonies, mocking humans


Term used in prisons, means you are a naughty prisoner

Illegal (even in maritime law its illegal)

Removing a human's means to provide for themselves and their family

Removal of human rights, freedoms, free will, choice, civil liberties

As a child of God you are free, God's will applies to humans

Government (advisors, un, eu, who)

Conduits of corruption

Infiltrated, blackmailed, jeopardised, vrilled, godless creatures of the swamp

More bent than a bag of snakes

Pawns in the game - means to an end

Age old Question: If social distancing works, why the masks, if masks work, why the lockdown, if lockdown works, why are we still under house arrest?

Oxygen Logic 2021

What effect has government propaganda on every ad, newspaper, tv programme, social media etc., for 12 months straight have on a society?

1. Hitler's wet dream - the german's did it well, the un has improved on social conditioning tactic's and uses indiscriminately. The Nuremberg trials mean's nothing when the same crime's and worse are being perpetrated today. Because governance started from a bent seed, no one is personally responsible by design - all civil servants are involved.

2. People's minds can be conditioned very quickly, hours if not days. After 12 months of brain training of neurons and synapses, the general public seem unable to have rational thoughts, unique thoughts nor the ability to discern manipulation. At this point of the eugenics games, sitting ducks.

3. Mental Health - This is having a huge impact on people's thought patterns. The excessive force of propaganda is severe and leaves no room for happiness or joy. Fear feeds the beast. The ultimate goal here is to find joy in every day. to be playful, have fun, celebrate live - the truth is heavy thoughts and hours on smart devises inbetween netflix movies, alcohol and drugs are being used to numb the pain of isolation. Silencing the mind is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, breathe and silence, listen to the silence, within it is peace as everything is temporary.

Solution: Turn it off

Merging human with machine is one of the highlights of the technocratic age, it was in the movie The Terminator all those years ago. How could the corps convince society to play the technology merge game, put it into a load of movies, getting them to visualise and create it, manifest a huge lie and then twist it so they beg for it. Simple, yet effective. Thanks pandemic 201 for the test run.

Creator of Reality

Sitting on the other side

You know who you are.

Watching people wearing masks horrifies your sight, hearing repetitive brain numbing propaganda hurts your ears. Living with people who blindly believe, refuse to listen and reject any source of truth. When presented with a health issue, you may casually drop by the health store knowing that vitamin C, D and zinc up-regulates the immune system and that herbs can remove viruses / microbe's.

Usually there is a middle ground for conversation, these days it seems not to be the case. I do wonder what big tech's roll has in this, from frequency towers to smart phone subliminal messaging. Perhaps also we are looking at right brain v's left brain phenomena. Left brainer's - read and believe, have more narcissistic tendency's and poor connection to the 3rd eye. Right brainer's - creative, abstract, dreamer's, visionaries, access to 3rd ventricle, access to God's messages, intuitive, faith. Both have access to God, one believes the other knows. One reads or has been told, the other feels and has direct communication.

The Kingdom of heaven belongs to the righteous - that is most people, not all. A spell has been cast upon humanity many thousands of years ago. We were made in perfection and placed on a perfect earth. Yes, we have been defiled, and the defilement continues to this day. However, we are part of the largest battle of our era being played out. Human's make the reality matix with thought energy. Our thoughts are so important, our happiness affects the planet. This age has been prophesied 25,000 years ago by the Mayan's. This is us moving into the Golden Age, breaking down the control systems and becoming free children of God living in Eden, the paradise planet. We are all important, we are all here because we have been called. Place upon yourself the Armour of God and speak your truth. 

The Dark versus The Light is how this show is presenting, it has been called 5D chess, the path to unity. Further we get to unity the more intense the battle is likely to become, getting even more black and more white. It's affecting families, brothers, sisters, parents, relations not speaking, angry and annoyed with each other. Neither can see each others view point. People are distinctly awake or not awake. This is Gods will, waking sleep walkers doesn't seem to work. Putting your energy into improving, protecting and building our connection to life and divinity is far more productive than fighting with those who don't have the eyes to see, yet.


How to Overcome

How to live with people who have and opposing life view

- Your thoughts, feelings and research are worthy. It is ok to have a different view to those around you and you do not need to play along to anything that insults your soul.

- When you awaken you have less fear and more faith, all emotions are energy. Fear has caused a break down in society, the general public love their false gods more than having Joy. You being Joyful and without fears ruins their illusions which makes you a party pooper. The darkness requires actors to play along, script given daily. To thine own self be true. Stand strong in your truth, it's ok to have a different viewpoint regardless of how angry people become.

- Science versus science fiction. Yes you do have science, fact, law and God on your team. However, the science fiction team plays dirty, make big lies and repeat globally then move the goalpost when it suits them. It is an uneven playing field, yet God has your back. The perceived size of the opponent is irrelevant, know that standing in the Light of Truth protects you, being on God's team makes you triumphant before we ever start.

- Emotional Wounds, being treated poorly, ignored, told to shut up, to stay small in your energy, cursed at, mocked, sneered, laughed at, belittled, hit, punished, verbally abused, coercively controlled, feeling betrayed, disappointment, anger, annoyance, frustration, deep hurts.

These feelings are real.

They hurt, and are persistent. Like the ocean waves, pounding on your soul each attack chips away another piece of you. For most there is no where to run and no where to hide. Getting out may not be an option - so we are going through - together.

It takes a Spiritual Warrior mentality

Sending Peace and Love

Surviving Toxic Relationships

1. Gratitude starting the moment you wake, gratitude for this day, the opportunity to be alive to improve your life, gratitude for your home, belongs, connections, family. The more practice the better you become and remembering gratitude. It's a very powerful energy and generates happiness in your life, the universe keeps giving more reasons for your to be grateful.

2. Visualise yourself in a Golden Bubbles of Light. Ask your guides to support you. Allow in positivity and deflect negativity. Build it up daily. Use affirmations and hand movements to build the bubble around you. Include your entire auric field, affirm only the highest love may enter.

3. Connect with Archangel Michael, speak with this energy, express your truest feelings and ask that all toxic connections be severed and healthy positive connections are built on a higher frequency.

4. If you are on social media connect with groups that match your vibration, delete/mute those that don't. Your feed is for you, claim the frequency you want.

5. Turn off general media

6. Ho'oponopono - I apologise, please forgive me, Thank you, I Love you. Repeating this makes your energy field very strong. In the depths of an intense moment saying these words in your mind will defuse most situations. You are saying it to your own soul for being in this position.

7. Alike Ho'oponopono, when caught in a situation of a family member for example offering false stats and numbers "I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you". The You in this statement can refer to you or them, mostly you though. All situations are reflections.

8. Avoidance is a buddhist method. When your nerves are shot and you've had enough, walk away. Politely smile, nod your head, change the subject or find a distraction. It is also ok to have a differing view point and not defend your view point.

9. Cornered by the family seeking power over you. Speak your Truth , be kind in your words.

(If they are violent, back down. they are looking for ammunition, don't give them any - Art of War, choose your battle's and use the above bubble's of protection, ho'oponopono, ask for Divine Guidance, seek help)

10. Living with cold words, an angry environment, those who want to be right.

- Go within yourself and connect to your higher self

- Practice silencing the mind, breathe into the space between the thoughts

- Forgive yourself for this situation

- Ask for spiritual guidance

- See things from a higher perspective, alike an eagle from above

- Refuse to be a victim

- Let go of being right, although you may very well be right, hanging onto be right doesn't help

- Be true to yourself and faithful to your soul

- Be willing to let go, relationships, family, lovers, houses, belongings. No one is worth you downsizing yourself or playing small.

- Also, be willing to let go of the feeling of betrayal. Yes you are speaking truth however they are not ready, and that is ok for them.

- Talk to your animals and plants, they connect with truth

- Keep in touch with people especially those you feel ok to be yourself with

- Use daily affirmations

11. You've got this, this endurance test won't last much longer, everything is temporary - everything. We are in the process of major change. The planet is purging too. As the light code come in to reawaken our DNA memory, we becoming lighter in our energies. Juicing is great, less heavy meats, eat well, nourish your body, your mind and your soul. Use oils on your skin, take the time to care for yourself. Ask of yourself what is your higher divine purpose, what amazing beautiful gifts have you got to share with this world. Indulge in hobbies that you enjoy. Turn off your electronics and make something. If you so pass someone and they are willing to chat, make the time to indulge, lift up their day and it will lift you too. Crack a joke, jump on a trampoline, laugh. If you are blessed with the eyes to see you are also blessed with divine guidance. Ask spirit to guide you and have the courage to take the steps into the unknown and into your most perfect and best life yet. Welcome home to your true self.

Blessings Beautiful Beings.

Golden Light


Once you know the truth, you're never the same

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