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Stomaching Life

It has been a fine Summer agus bhí an aimsir go iontach. Today I'd love to share some info on tummy issues. This was the beginning of my own deep healing journey, a journey that continually allows me to grow.

Many years ago I came to Kinesiology with pain in my belly and chronic fatigue. A viral infection had crushed my system, adrenals stressed, auto-immune, emotionally numb - an extreme sensitivity to gluten. I had no idea how to fix this. Although reading books like 'The Secret' and The Masterkey System I was certain I could think my way clear. This wasn't exactly true however having a positive mind set and a strong fate in the universal creator certainly helped to pull me through to the other side.

Showing a Healthy gut and a damaged gut. We require healthy villi for absorbing nutrients

Stomaching food, stomaching ideas, digesting & assimilating both food and thought.
The small intestine is where we digest notions, feelings, concepts.
Leading to assimilating how to carry on.
Fearless/ful thoughts of the future
Memory of pain, fear, anxiety and worry.
Being happy and being sad.
Stomach churning.

We speak of our tummy all the time in our expressions.
"I was gutted, I was stomached....."
The thoughts we think, affect how well we digest our foods.
All these demands, it has got a lot on its 'plate'.
Some thoughts don't go down well at all.

How many people spend their lives in situations that they just can't stomach,
yet put up with for a life less hard.
Conforming to non-ideal circumstances because its easier in the short term.
The long term affects creep in oh so slowly.
A little indigestion, a little ibs, a little wind, a little bloating
A little sadness, a little tired, a little aged, a little sore

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The stomach requires hydrochloric acid to perform its task of breaking down foods.
Mouth - Alkaline
Stomach - Acidic
Gut - Alkaline
Bowel - Acidic
Remove foods causing a negative affect
B-Complex and zinc helps the stomach to perform
Liquid Cayenne Pepper great for stomach bacteria. (note: its hot)
Aloe Vera takes down inflammation.

For the gut
L-Glutamate helps repair damage, Vitamin E, B6 & B12

Requires Iron levels in right balance
pH must be acidic to rid the body of paracites
Psyllium Husks, Probiotics, Black Walnut, Mineral Matrix, Omega 3,6,9

Common issues include: mercury fillings, cranial issues, rogue bacteria, viral & fungal infections, paracites, metal / chemical build
Causing: Malabsorption, gut permeability (leaky gut), auto-immune

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Digestion balance is Key to Health

Everything works well on good digestion.
Absorption / Extraction / Elimination

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with Chris Smith and Gill Farr

How full is your battery?
Do you have enough time for yourself?
How many hours do you spend having fun?
Are you happy in your life / job / family / relationships / home?

Do we acknowledge the way we feel or have we submitted to change being impossible.
The answers are in the unconscious mind.
The hidden feelings - held in the dungeons of your consciousness
are holding our body ransom and imposing inflammation onto our cells.

Immune System - to recognise the self and others whilst collaborating with brain, gut, thoughts, beliefs
and hormones.

Auto-Immune - body loses ability to differenciate
- When the body attacks itself
1. Damage or destruction of tissues
2. Altered organ growth
3. Altered organ function
- Recognition of the self is compromised. Our own cells no longer identified as 'ours' thus becoming the enemy.
- Emotionally lost self identity
- Can't differenciate between yourself and others
- Have become like others
- Influenced by others, taken on behavious of others
- Not true to yourself
"When have I lost the ability to discrimminate between people, places or behaviours that are well matched to me and those that are not"

Other factors
- Oxidative Stress
- Infection
- dysbiosis of gut
- corrupted gene expression - SNIPS


Ammonia - toxic to brain and kidneys, upsets heart, fear / dread, wakes at night feeling like death is near. Helped by Biotin and Taurine

Beetroot - cleans the blood lines, helps corrupted genes

Carnitine - helps people to burn fat for fuel

Exercise - optimum time 7-9am and 7-9pm

Fluid on Ankles - Kidney problems

Gut Dysbiosis - lacking digestive enzymes, food intolerance, fungus and paracite over growth

Hang over - L-Cyteine, Vit Cand Vit B1 - blocks toxic effects of alcohol. ( Epigenetics 'All Clear')

Inflammation is helped with Tumeric, Hespiridan, Quercetin, Rosemary, Zinc, Vitamin A & D

Injury Prone - Branch Chain Amino Acids BCAA

Itchy skin - Black Walnut, Omega 3:6:9 Oils, Vitamin A and E

Mercury Fillings - 71% of people with auto-immune showed positive responses to removing
50% of people with fibremyalgia no longer showed symptoms after extraction

NADH - stops ageing by reprogramming cells

Psoarosis - Ingesting flaxseed oil helps

Sea Buckthorn - Dryness in mouth, eyes, vaginal and anal passages. Reduces adrenal fatigue.
Boosts immune system. Protects Heart. Ideally extracted from seeds of fruit from
the Himalayas

Statins - CoQ10

Stem cells - Our initial 8 cells are within your perinium at CV1 for your entire existence

Tattoo's - mercury

Tumeric - glucoma, baldness, cancer, artritis, diabetes, infertility, inflammation

Vitamin A - animal liver best source, needed for eye sight, kidney function.

Vitamin B1 - anti-neurotic - nerve pain down arm, sciatica, tooth ache, bladder loves when metals in body

Vitamin C - Potassium or Magnesium Absorbate very agreeable type of Vit C

Vitamin K1 - alike chlorophyll in greens. Becomes K2 in gut, bacteria stretches it out.

Vaccines - DHA & Vitamin A capsules weeks before and after. Also noted that the BCG vaccine
has been known to cure Type 1 Diabetes. TB Vaccine has in cases restored pancreatic function

Viruses - chain of chemicals / stringed messengers.
Its only mission is to break into the centre of the cell to change the DNA codons / genes

Warfarin - Rat Poison, gene suppressor
Gingko Biloba, Cayenne Pepper, Vit C Tumeric, Vitamin E

Did you know that Mona Lisa suffered from Auto Immune?

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Spot the Illness?

- no eyebrows - signifying thyroid problems
- swollen neck - goitre
- receding hairline - also thyroid
- white spots under eyes – cholesterol

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Battle of the Brains.
Usually a person is more dominant toward one side or the other.
Our society is predominantly left brained.
A well balanced person uses both hemisphere's equally or close to par.