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The Dr Dietrich Klinghardt Protocol

Dietrich Klinghardt brings forth his work of a lifetime which has been an intensely dedicatedto broad spectrum of knowledge, offered to humanity to heal from modern day illnesses.

found a path to genius level in every lifetime and brings it all to this time.

His well of profoundness runs deeper than the unusually deep.

Alike a spaceman who came to show us a portal of light,

a way to free ourselves from this matrix.

Dietrich brings science into the psycho / spiritual / emotional realm like I have never seen it before. For years I've been studying the biology and chemistry of the body, however I am far more at home in Physics. I'm at home and very comfortable in the world of frequency.

What's even nicer about Dietrich's work is that he uses muscle testing at the heart of his work, which he has perfected into a testing system he calls ART Autonomic Response Testing.

The methods of fixings however, vary.

He also looks at the bodies ability to heal, which is so clever and obvious (once you know).

Can your body heal, what is blocking its natural mechanism's from engaging.

The protocol is by design able to go deep into the subconscious mind, back in ancestral time and free the cellular memories which has an effect of releasing hidden toxins in the body which we then pick up with the test phials. There are no victims here, our consciousness has brought us to this place and its through the web of life that we can find salvation and health.

Its fair to say that health issues have changed. Years ago once you got the right remedy you'd feel better and the job was done. These days in the toxic world we live in, everyone has some level of inflammation, illness or unwellness, to say the least.

Major Considerations of Ill Health 2020

1. Glyophosphate - its in every food source. Our food is toxic.

2. Aluminium - food containers, kitchen utensils, deodrants,

bleach in breads, geo-engineering

3. Radiation - especially wifi, smart devices, 5G

4. Retro - Viruses


Light and Frequency have the answers

Seeing the Photon Wave Light Machine work being done was fascinating and experiencing the light machine was even more impressive. Absolutely extraordinary means of communicating with the bodies immunity and ability to heal the mind is bogglingly impressive.

One fascinating example he showed was how the neutrons and neurons emit trillions of photons constantly flowing out into our field and returns back into the field communicating light frequency to all the cells in the body. We have an incredible system.

Our Aura emits in waves and colour frequency similar to the rainbow.

We can easily find chronic illnesses in the body by checking the colour emitted energy.

For example, where cancer exists a colour is missing entirely.

The environment, foods and global agenda's are so toxic,

the herbs and supplements are required on going.

To keep ourselves healthy is an ongoing work of Art.

Frequency is the answer.

It always has been

♡ Tesla ♡

The full protocol takes commitment

1st. Starts with a Geneogram / Family Tree

2nd. Find the cause of issues, such as viruses, funguses, paracites, bacteria, aluminium, glyphosate and other environmental considerations.

Reduce Wifi / negative radiation exposure

Especially households with autistic children or chronic illnesses

(I wish I could show to people how damaging this technology really is, however they are designed to trigger the Dopamine addiction switch and the Ego won't let go easily.

3rd Removing inflammatory foods, lifestyles, taking herbal tinctures

4th Colour therapy, ionising, positive personal improvements

5th The days after treatment involves writing & expressing hurts and wounds

Since attending this course I have become far more aware of the hazard of wifi frequency's

Some protective items worth owning

Grounding Sheet for the bed from

Grounding Sandles

EMF Protective clothing, neck warmer, hat

Ray-Bans Aviator Sunglasses reduces frequency input

Refusing scans in airports

Paints, wallpapers, curtain material can all be purchased

Turning on internet only when necessary and reduced smart device usage

Delighted with the Ionising Hydrogen Foot bath

Very easy. incredible what comes out of your body and continues for another 72 hours.

Negative ions cause the cells to purge their toxins, ideal to take chlorella and Bio-flavonoids to remove the excess dumped into blood stream and other locations

Very powerful at removing toxic metals and likely nano particles

It is said to be the Rolls Royce of Detox, so I'm happy with this advancement.

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Photonwave Light Machine

Usage of 8 minutes, twice a week for 6 weeks.

Replaces missing light which restores homeostasis completely.

Huge results.

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Some Day:

Tesla Energy Lights

Mainly to recharge the batteries after clients

Costs about €20,000.00

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Tyler Dahm, a mother of a child on the Autism Spectrum, speaks on the healing effects witnessed in children with Autism and Lyme with the Ionic Foot bath detox protocol. Her child has recovered.