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Geo - Engineering

Weather Manipulation

Geo- Engineering - a term to describe the act of man manipulating weather systems.

Here's my Story

The journey into the world of Geo-engineering came during Hurricane Ophelia October 19th 2017. The term 'Chemtrail' was one I was familiar with however thought it was exhaust fumes from planes and did not want to look at the issue as I like traveling.

Ophelia came, however Ophelia never left. Working with Kinesiology in the weeks after the hurricane I noted a lot of similar toxins which were normally very uncommon. Visually I can see the effects remain. Everyday is in haze. We had seven months of Winter, no Spring. On the first of May very few trees had bud, three weeks later full bloom. The foliage has never been so plush, and I really mean plush and full. Farmers were worried about the crops as they couldn't sew on time. Now the corn is growing too fast. Their is a vivid green in the plants that doesn't appear to be altogether natural.

Cloud watching. They look different. In school we were thought three cloud types.

Cirrus : High Clouds usually 20,000ft above ground level - high up, wispy

Cumulus: Medium clouds 6,500ft - 20,000ft above ground level - heaped up, puffy

Nimbus : Low clouds below 6,500ft above ground level - rain bearing

Upon observation since October 2017, rarely have these types been seen.

February, March, April had complete cloud cover, heavy to breathe, down to the ground. In May when the weather changed, the skies were completely blue. However the horizon remained completely white. When the clouds would return they would return completely, total cloud cover.

Some days have chemtrails and some days do not. The environment necessary for con-trails are that the air temperature is -40°C, the plane be above 26,000ft (8,000m) from the ground and relative humidity must be 70%+. That is of course assuming that Rolls Royce, GM and Ford haven't figured out how to put cooling systems into their jet engines yet!

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My eyes are so drawn to the Heavens now. Wondering, how could I have missed it for so long. We walk the earth and all around us and above us is sky, I must have been looking downwards my whole life.

I see the planes spraying, and I see them not spraying.

I see them turning the sprayers on and I see the pilots turning the spray off again.

I see different effects of the spray. It can disappear quite quickly after the plane passes. It can spread wide. Sometimes it remains in tact in the sky making a white line.

Some planes have one sprayer each side. Some have two each side. This plane has 4 spouts of spray going, these cause a huge thick line across the sky and different days does different things.

I see different colour planes at varying altitudes. Some so low you can see the colours with your naked eye, like a red tail and white body.

Some are extremely high, some are mid height as planes go.

The lines can often be parallel from many planes going the same direction

Sometimes it fans out, many planes coming from similar source spreading out often at the same time and same altitude.

Occasionally, after a good days spraying it can look like a chequers board. Many lines parallel and many lines parallel going at 90°

Clouds have been really apparent to me. Their formations are often clearly created from sprays, striated and whispy. Clouds are supposed to be H2O.

Missing! The Saltee Islands

Last seen August/September 2017.

From Grange Strand to the Saltee Islands is about 10 miles. Their is often days of poor visibility during the Winter. On clear days, alike an optical illusion it is as though the islands move towards you and it becomes very clear. Not a breaths worth of a moment has it been clear since Ophelia. A heavy haze surrounds us. Driving up on the Forth Mountain on the way to Wexford, which is much closer to the islands and they are hardly visible at all. More often than not its not even possible to see Kilmore village less than 3 miles below. The Regal Lodge is a great vantage point to experience the haze. Slieve Coillte a mountain outside of New Ross, generally you can see for miles. Now you can see white cloudy like haze and poor visibility even on the days that the sky is mostly blue.

Geo - Processing

To give you another piece of the journey, I must share with you my initial 're-actions' to Ophelia

First - Survival - Batten Down the Hatches. Food and Water in. Plan of action for loss of electricity.

Second - Shock at experiencing Uranium. Dead heavy feeling in atmosphere. Felt heavy and lethargic. Silence. No animal moving. No birds singing.

Third - Shock - was asked to send healing energy to some healing circles and connecting with angelic energy received a strong sense that this was deliberate, galactic, bigger than humans and also very important in the ascension process. The winds felt forced. We've had stronger winds here that weren't so chaotic. It was being built for weeks down at the equator.

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Forth - Blame. Anger. Disappointment. Blame. Disappointment. Shock. Anger. The so called illuminati who controlled the governments, the banks, the armies. The Pilots, working immoral deeds for a pay cheque. Man-kind.

At this point had started to test for uranium, viruses and aluminium. Everyone was showing. Continued to examine further. Fermaldehyde, Ethylene Glycine, Dioxins, Nagalase, Viral Hybrids, E-coli and varies fungi were showing in everyone I tested. There are many more toxins to be found however detox is the same. Found some articles since then declaring nuclear energy in our atmosphere.

Interview by Terry Lawton of

Fifth - OMG! What have I stumbled upon. Nobody around me suspects a thing. Stop telling clients as it is creating fear. Seeing the issue allows you to create protection. All can be well again in the world, however this has become a spiritual battle and the playing field keeps changing. A huge amount of people must be involved and agree that it is a good idea. G20 where governments of the world gather behind an army of security in total secrecy to discuss the weather! Sounded far fetched, still does. Has a representative of this island agreed to spraying all the land, the animals, the people? Does anyone in the government even realise? It would appear that the general concensus of the public is that con-trails are normal - head back down to the 'smart' phone, uploading their personal info to the spy wear - obedient, sleep walking.

So I went to yoga camp to find peace with this situation, and experienced the worst spraying I've ever encountered coinciding with the most severe weather conditions I've ever encountered.

The frequencies at night time troubled me greatly from 11pm - 2am. I'm experiencing similiar here however not as extreme. Satelitte transmissions, 5G, smart dust or be in driverless car transmissions, something is quare in the atmosphere with a power behind it. With a HAARP station so close as Wales I've yet to learn of its capabilites.

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Sixth - Who Done it? Who is paying for all the sprays. There must be an enormous cost to spraying a whole planet of 26,000miles diameter. Lots of youtube videos later. Accusations, the 'they' people are doing it. 'The Powers that be'.


Who they Be?

Pilots? Who ordered the Pilots? Airline companies / Military? Who ordered them? Black Ops? Who's paying them? Governments? Corporations? ET's?Dark Forces hiding behind a veil. A guess as to who is paying, usually its us. We're paying with our purchases,taxes and with our lives. Who or what is really behind it all. I'm fairly sure I have found part of that answer. Not for the faint hearted or for those in fear. This helped me to get past annoyance from humans. Their actions are the symtoms however not the cause.

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Seventh - Solutions - Layered protection - toxic metal, virus, fungal, paracite, bacterial chemical detox. Become cleaner in food, word and actions. The dynamics of life are changing fast.

"In seeing the problem, I am part of the solution"

At the moment I won't be up in the sky with placards, asking the pilots to stop. However I can be an observer, I can be at peace (a working project) and I can protect myself. Knowledge is power.

PROTECTION - 1st line of defence

DETOX - learning how to clean toxic metals, chemicals, viruses, funguses and nano-bot-worms out of the body. (Toxic Metal List given below) . Clean, clean, clean. Herbs, homeopathy,minerals, Diatamaceous Earth, Zeolite, Apple Cider Vinegar, clean food and water.

Nice video here by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt


This is a work in progress. Frequency can cure any disease. How to create frequencies is my life's work currently. A frequency resonance machine emitting vibration through your home ought to make everything ahead feel like a bump in the road.

  • 528 hz MI Love Frequency
  • 432 hz for calming and relaxing your mind and body


Thanks Tami from Maryland who introduced me to Orgonite.

Thanks Willheim Reich for your wonderful work. Here's a video Link

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Some Orgonite Pyramids I made upon my return home.

Probably the most exciting Technology thats ever come into my life. Orgonite was named by Wilheim Reich and he discovered that its an energy in the atmosphere and within us all. He created a machine for monitoring it and also learned how to create devises that harvest it. These machines, with no moving parts, create torrent energy fields - sucking in disharmonious energy and pumping out rejuvenated higher frequency energy. An Energy Laundering machine.

Upon trial and error of making these, I did noticed that I felt amazing. My energy was really strong. I slept great and all relationships seem to be positive. Having them in the house I can see the effect its having on Mam and Dad, also sleeping well and usually in good humour. A really exciting piece of kit. It protects you from harmful energy including EMF's. The electro magnetic frequencies from your wifi, smart phones, smart homes, tablets, computers, fitbits, and all the other none necessary devises, that we can't live without.

There are pendants to wear when out and about or in your workplace, then pyramids and all sorts of orgonaite shapes and sizes. Which may even lead onto chembusters and cloudbusters. This I'm only on the brink or discovery, first is to ensure my family are safe and the treatment room is as wifi free as possible, which is actually tricky since most people come in claim the phone is turned off and then we endure beeping for a whole hour. The addiction is so great that off to most means on and turned down a little bit. Joys of being a facebook volunteer employee, constant checking in.

Currently thats the best solution that I have found.

Clearing your body of all viruses, fungi, bacteria, paracites, toxic metals and chemicals would be highly recommended. Lots of ways of doing this. Herbs are great, ionic silver is a great choice and many people are beginning to make their own colloidal silver which is perfect plan for keeping family well. Look after your brain, oils, herbs, water, positive thoughts, exercise.

Aluminium detox - squeezed lemon in water every day. Horsetail tea daily. Diatomaceous earth. Coriander, parsley, black walnut, metal detox formula's, homeopathy.

Along with a company in the Uk that sells ems support for those sensitive to electro frequencies. They are here, they are destructive and they are going to increase. Large crystals, Himalayan Salt Lamps, Magnesium baths, Apple Cider Vinegar, copper, calcium, being in a high frequency eg 432hz 528hz - Frequency is how to fix this.

The Great Ascension is upon us. The unseen shall become seen as it is lured out into the light. We have an opportunity to to clear all karma in this one life time, to end the cycles of reincarnation and moving into broader dimensions. To experience all is to return to ether, rise in consciousness, elevate capability and we have lift off.

All the systems are struggling, lies are being shown to the light - transmuting this energy into higher frequencies. Forgiveness. See the mirror reflection in everyone and everything - knowing that you are creating your own reality. Co-creator. One with the Divine, the all creator. All is Well.

Detox List - excluding frequencies

Aluminum Oxide Particles


Bacilli and Molds

Barium Salts

Barium Titanates




Desiccated Human Red Blood Cells

Ethylene Dibromide

Enterobacter Cloacal


Human white Blood Cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA)



Methyl Aluminum

Mold Spores


Nano-Aluminum-Coated Fiberglass

Nitrogen Trifluoride (Known as CHAFF)


Polymer Fibers

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Pseudomonas Florescens

Radioactive Cesium

Radio Active Thorium


Serratia Marcscens

Sharp Titanium Shards




Sub-Micron Particles

(Containing Live Biological Matter)

Unidentified Bacteria


Frequencies cover a huge vast amount of possibility.

Generally any decent technology goes to the military, which is then used for destruction. The power to heal all illness is in frequency. The power of destruction is being practised.

Its hard to tell sometimes other than how you are feeling. Frequency can influence absolutely everything - like a puppet - you can be controlled entirely - every function of your being can be altered by frequency. It can also be healed entirely.

When you are in touch with your own self you may feel emotions not your own. Alternatively look up. See the cloud formations. You can see the frequencies being used by the cloud formations. Weather is altered by it so its very dramatic. Generally concentrated beams make the molecules vibrate which weakens them. So parts falling off building is normal, technogy acting quare, electrics doing funny things, animals acting out, people being angry, irate, difficult, intolerant. Crime, violence, difficult behaviour, often out of character, suicides and depression. This stuff hurts. Ignoring hurts more.

Polish Parliament

Parliament of the Republic of Poland

Interpellation No. 23562
to the Minister of Health, Minister of the Environment on the spraying of harmful substances in the atmosphere.

Applicant: Barbara Chrobak

Data impact: 29-06-2018

Dear Minister,

Citizens have expressed their concern about the procedure of spraying in the atmosphere of harmful substances with a request to take action to clarify whether the programs of weather modification and management of solar radiation take place over the territory of Poland with the knowledge of the government. Other names are: chemtrails, chemical streaks, geoengineering, geoengineering of the climate. There are dozens of patents regarding weather modification and artificial cloud formation by spraying particles in the atmosphere.

Citizens who observe this phenomenon argue that the practice of geoengineering operations takes place with varying intensity for most days of the year. The number of Poles aware of these activities can be estimated in tens of thousands, including groups on social networks and others. This is not a small number, considering the fact that this issue is practically not discussed in the mainstream media in Poland so far. On the Internet, you can find hundreds of thousands of photos and videos showing these activities. Reports on this subject appeared, among others on TV: CBS, NBS, CNN, ZDF, RTL, Australian News Chanel and others. On the other hand, the BBC states that spraying aerosols in the atmosphere is "the cheapest and most effective way to fight global warming". Influential people spoke publicly about the benefits and necessity of using geoengineering, including former CIA director John Brennan, prof. David Keith, IPCC member, John Holdren, Obama science advisor, Al Gore, former US vice president.

There is a testimony from Kristen Megan, a former non-commissioned officer in the US Air Force, who worked on the supply of aviation chemicals. She claims that tons of aluminum, barium, strontium and other substances that she has dealt with are used to spray in the atmosphere. There are also pilots' reports, but so far only anonymous. Ted Gunderson, a former high-level FBI agent, also confirms the releases of planes over North America and Europe.

In the document of the US Army "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025" shows that geoengineering programs will be strongly developed by 2025, allowing for the implementation of a global system for predicting, assessing and modifying weather phenomena. We read, for example, "Some intervention tools exist today and others can be developed and refined in the future." On the American Elements website, a tycoon in chemical production, you can read: "American Elements keeps manufacturing on an industrial scale for all cloud seeding materials and materials modifying weather conditions. In addition, we provide customer advice on topics such as choosing the right materials for sowing clouds on the ground and in the air. "

The Bloomberg newspaper in the article "Geoengineering to Alter Climate Moves Closer to Reality" reported that under the COP21 agreement in Paris, countries unknowingly agreed to the explicit application of geo-engineering the climate. The Carnegie Foundation in the document "Carnegie Climate Geoengineering Governance (C2G2) Initiative" "The long-term goal of the Carnegie Geoengineering Climate Management Initiative (C2G2) is to encourage dialogue on the matter and to develop a climate geoengineering framework."
The fifth report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warns that despite global side effects and long-term consequences geo-engineering techniques including solar management (SRM) should be further maintained: "If SRM were terminated for any reason, there is a high conviction that the temperature on the surface of the ball will increase very rapidly to values ​​consistent with the forced by greenhouse gases ". Document "Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis".

From the accounts of people observing geoengineering sprays, the so-called smog is much more intense on days when these activities are carried out. This could be the answer to the question why smog was not such a problem more than a dozen years ago, even though mainly coal was used for heating, and industrial production was higher. The increased number of cars on the road is not the answer to this question, because, as shown by the experiences of large western cities, where traffic was significantly reduced, smog decreased only to a negligible extent.

We know from history that governments of states are experimenting with unconscious citizens, because usually after decades these programs are declassified. For example, the British Air Force in 1953-1964 spread thousands of kilos of aircraft from aircraft cadmium sulphide over inhabited areas. Likewise, harmful chemicals were sprayed in Saint Louis and other US cities in a similar way.

Poland is a signatory to the Open Skies Treaty, which provides for the provision of air space also for "observing regions threatened by ecological disasters or for monitoring the implementation of international agreements on the protection of the natural environment".

With the above in mind, I am asking you to answer the following questions:

1. Does the Open Skies Treaty provide for any other actions beyond observation to fulfill the agreements concluded?

2. What is the procedure for reporting and registering flights under this Treaty? Are all such flights registered and checked for compliance with the number declared? Please, specify their number and purpose in 2017.

3. Does the Minister subordinated to the Minister have knowledge of any activities carried out or carried out as part of weather modification programs and solar radiation management using aircraft on the territory of the Republic of Poland? If so, please complete the list.

4. If the government has information about the implementation of these programs and activities, why has not the public debate so far on the effects of substances sprayed on human health and the state of the environment and the legitimacy of these treatments?

5. Does the government or its bodies participate in, or have knowledge of, any obligations / guidelines related to experiments or weather modification programs and / or solar management in the country and / or beyond within the framework of any national laws and / or international agreements?


Barbara Chrobak

Member of the Polish Parliament

(text translated by google)

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