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  • Why Work with Finola?

    Finola has a.....

    1. A Diploma in Systematic Kinesiology, Anatomy and Physiology and Sports Massage.

    2. Became Yoga Acharya in 2017 and has completed 8 Yoga teacher training's since to further her Mastery of Ancient Art-forms.

    3. Integrated Energy Therapy Master, Reiki Master, trained in Magnified Healing, Rahanni, Groove Dance Method and Shamanic Practices.

    4. Worked with and learned from an Ayahuasca Master in the Amazon, a Shaolin Kung Fu Master in China and a Osho disciple Guru in India, amongst the many teachers.

    5. Highly compassionate and skilled to seek out the issue's holding people stuck.

    6. Has learned an enormous amount about how the body works, with excelled professionals in the Applied Kinesiology & Bio-Chemistry fields.

    7. 10 years hands on experience working mechanically on the human body using Applied Kinesiology skills, recommending herbs, supplements and nutrition which will assist the persons journey back to health.

    8. Successfully overcame a deeply wounding healing crisis, strengthened everything about the self, followed yoga principles of integrity and gives her best to all whom she meets.

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