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What is it all about?

Figuring out this life path!

What are we here for?

What is the meaning of life?

How do we find happiness, contentment, joy?

I feel like time is speeding up and I’m not moving at all.

The spiritual warrior needs to figure these things out, we appear to be in a spiritual war, a silent war, a stealth war so cunning you may not even realise its happening. The Agenda’s are being played out, have been going on for hundreds / thousands of years and continues through our everyday life.

Always the same battle Good versus evil.

Light versus the dark.

Yin and Yang,

the world of duality.

Can we stay strong in purity or do we allow ourselves to be swayed into the darkness?

Conforming feels empty, this darkness has infiltrated everything in a oh so slippery manner. It is little small decision's repetitively that has people lost down a very dark path and one day wonder, "how did I get here". What people are willing to do for a pay-check is unbelievable and inconceivable, making computer chips for rockets, pharmaceuticals that poison, fly planes that spray chemicals, represent criminals to get them off serving time, swindle money and call in banking - “It’s just my job” and hide behind the veil of authority.

Going home happy every evening because they have been good people, doing their job and will get a pension and carry on with their lives. At what cost to humanity do we humans partake in soul-less, conscienceless methods of providing an income.

We do live in a world that money has become the centre of everything, "you cannot survive without it" – its so cleverly weaved its way into our mindset and belief’s that we are willing to sell ourselves to the darkness for security. Oh it clever alright, its got us where it wants us , defiling our beautiful nature and begging for more. More Netflix (sloth), more instagram (vanity), more and more and more devices (greed), pornography (lust), facebook (envy), Amazon (gluttony), twitter (wrath), can’t think of any for pride, apart from our Taoiseach at every gay pride going and every add, soap opera, magazine and advertisement is hopping on the gay pride bandwagon currently. Inclusivity apparently.

Social Media - The Double Edged Sword

Current norms feel like this

Born – school – college – couple up – married – career – children – mortgage – debt – grandchildren – leave earnings or give half your house to government – die.

Born – become a citizen, given a pps number alike a bar-code, commodity of the Ireland LTD, a possession of the Irish government. Purged with toxic metals, chemicals, viruses affecting the brain.

Pre-school – Reared by someone outside of the family, occasionally by a family member, learning life through minder and picking up there beliefs and restrictions, teaching them what they can’t do. More chemicals, toxic metals and viruses into brain – no free thinking allowed.

School – Education means to draw knowledge from. Our system in-doctrines by forcing ‘knowledge’ and beliefs in. Sitting for very long periods of time. May once have had moral value, currently moving towards globalist dumbing down of virtue’s and sovereignty. Receive sterilisation in 1st year of secondary school & often go into auto-immune. Study hard to get into college, a purely academia institution, read over and over, write out many times, memory tests, forcing the information into your memory to pass exams under huge pressure as though it determines your life. Unlikely to learn any life skills. Nowadays sitting in on electronic devices in wireless radiation fields. (funguses/candida thrive exponentially in wifi radiaton environments)

College- Where you learn more and more about less and less or go on the beer. Usually Mam and Dad are working to pay for your education or go into debt to get you a ‘job’ - the big aim is often to get in with a corporation or big company to get you on a capped income and continue in social conformity.

Career – Usually capped income. Self employed people don’t have capped incomes however do have very heavy taxation, its very hard to get your head above water. Job’s are safe, regular income, this is nice, part of the team helping the business to grow. Can go up the ladder, the bigger the company the higher the ladder in terms of progressing in the business. Sounds lovely. Puts you in a position to apply for a mortgage, get a nice car, take holidays, more money more freedom to consume. Debt slave, tied to the job for you have bills to pay, here is where you start working to pay bills. Much easier to be subservient as it you need them to have the life you have created.

Home Life – meet a partner, have kids or not, the 2000’s has us all in career mode less family mode, less kids being born and usually a lot later, that’s fair enough people want to have their own experience of enjoying life. Banks offering 30 year mortgages (rare to be in a position to have a home without a mortgage, rents are crucifying, makes sense to put the money into your own home. Couples stay together whether they like each other or not for there name is on the deeds and if you move out you have less entitlements, or for the kids. Love each other, put up with each other, in it together. Mortgage paid off in time for retirement, then thinking about leaving inheritance, or going into nursing homes and giving half the house value to the government. . Perhaps have grandchildren, maybe like to travel perhaps put it off until retirement or happy existing day to day.

The whole system of ‘normal’ revolves around money. If you didn’t ‘need’ money we probably wouldn’t live in this way, and would likely work in areas that make us feel good and fulfilled like we’re giving something back to the world or satisfying our own talents. I see people for the most part conforming and existing, do many dare to live? We have it in our nature to try to be good people, I think this nature have been exploited by small deeds adding up to the life we share with others. The institution’s, the government’s, the corporations, big businesses rarely have and true moral ethic. What is lawful is not necessarily moral. For example Income tax is actually illegal and immoral yet the tax is taken from your income without your consent, an example of how the government, the ones who claim to have your interest at heart and not being such good people, they may not even realise, and guaranteed if they did it would never be spoken about publicly. This is one example of how the system is not actually broken, it has been set up to be corrupt. And further down the rabbit hole we go. When you begin to awaken you begin to see things for what they are and ask questions about things that you once took for granted.

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Surely God had a different plan for us in the beginning. I think the plan of ‘Dia’ has been hijacked, and we are alive at this era to see one of the biggest battlefields being played out. The Nephilm intervention must have caused quite a stir – The Book of Enoch (prelude to the Bible) has really opened my eyes to truths of this planet. The giants have gone yet the archon energy is still as alive today as it has ever been. Extra terrestrial interference. AI – Artificial Intelligence are not algorithms these are off planet entities and the the ‘giants’ are allowing them to take form.

Currently there is a massive ‘Climate Change’ scare being drilled into our consciousness via TV, Radio, Newspapers, Social Media – repeat, repeat, repeat. This is also known as propaganda or mass mind control. It is very apparent to me that the weather has been hijacked and artificially interfered with using aerosol sprays from planes, with a plethora or toxic substances used in conjunction with frequencies from the likes of Haarp, Nexrad and Directed Energy Weapons. There are over 150 patents on weather manipulations. Its not totally hidden in that the planes are spraying daily over your head albeit this year more so at night time, however you can see the long spray lines from planes that don’t disappear and you can also see the frequency lines in the man made clouds that look like a pond when you throw in a stone and the ripples expand out. Also, in the moonlight its very possible to see the colours in the clouds created by chemicals alike the colours you see in spilled fuel such as petrol or oil.

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When dark corporations filled with a need for money, greed and power get together with militaries and infiltrate governing systems, we are in big trouble. Scientific experiments on adjusting the weather have been carried out for over 100 years. If you look closely at the tress, they are really suffering, the tops of many trees the countryside over are dead, the leaves haven’t turned yellow in years, they have withered into chemical burn death or just fallen, the ash trees are doing a great job at absorbing the chemicals however are dying because of the toxicity, people call it a disease, yes it is a dis-ease however no one has called the truth in on its origin yet. The evergreen plantations, many have turned yellow – ever-green’s don’t go yellow, it is them withering, and likely a new disease confirmed. As the atmosphere fills with aluminium nano particles and the glyphosate being sprayed we are going to see a lot of this, the oxygen levels are being lowered. Its affecting our oceans too, most oxygen on the planet comes from the algae of the oceans and they are being sprayed intentionally – the greed involved is not natural, to have us paying for oxygen to live is no way to experience this planet. There is such beauty and such freedoms and it does not involve money, having jobs and existing – it does involve being conscious and overcoming our fears and willingness to hide from truth.

The Dialogue of ‘its your fault (peasants)’, solutions

– More tax - however don’t stop buying, consumerism keeps the trickery going

Stay at home on your smart devices, don’t drive as its bad, keep online shopping

SMART Devices & 5G altering brain waves, mind sets, turning humans into zombies and its only getting started. The frog in boiling water scenario, you don’t realise you are in the pot as it slowly heats up, feels quite nice, as it begins to boil you realise your the frog in the pot.

I totally get people not wanting to know any of this, or dismissing it to get on with their own lives, however Elon Musk’s Space X is currently in the process on putting up 42,000 satellite's bringing 5G to everyone whether we want it or not. See below for details on 5G street lighting.

Note: Wexford County Council has halted 5G until safety concerns are addresses,

a small piece on good news.

We are in a spiritual war. Its an age old process.

Our consciousness, connection with our maker, moral fibres are being leaned on heavily.

I’m not looking to stop it,

I am looking to survive it.

Its not all bad news however, this is a matter of looking at the issue to find solutions.

The Great Awakening is upon us, so the darkness is doing what it can to hijack our spiritual development. The controlling forces don’t want us to escape its hold and free ourselves into a beautiful meaningful existence. The UN Agenda 2021 and Agenda 2030 speak extensively about sustainability and extinguishing poverty, what they don’t mention is controlling everything we eat, drink and breathe by artificial chemicals and reducing poverty by reducing populations.

It is very naughty indeed.

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The Purpose of Life

Why are we here?

To experience?

To BE – Human ‘Be’ings

The Sophia Experiment

Alike Tentacle’s of God

Feelers of God

I once imagined us alike cells, or a greater organism.

I do feel we are on a flat earth with the stars, sun and moon providing for us.

I don’t even know that I believe in the universe other than a cloak over the ionosphere.

Living in harmony with the earth feels natural, to feel, be present, have joy in every moment, create, the conscious of the beauty that surrounds us.

Is anything real?

Is it all an illusion, a perception, a matrix?

Are all beings a reflection of the self, billions or mirrors of the self experiencing itself?

Alike living in a kaleidoscope.

Is any of this experience real?

Are we living in a dream state?

The more conscious I become the stronger the distractions pulling me back into the matrix.

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9 years ago, after an out of body experience during Integrated Energy Healing training level III, I began to awaken. I was in a place of my life where I had time to meditate, contemplate, create. I created months of AutoCAD Architectural drawings for renovating my parents home place whilst listening to spiritual audio books from authors - Neill Donald Walsh, Abraham Hicks, Brian Weiss, Wayne Dyer, David Wilcock, Graham Hancock, Caroline Myss & many others.

Would do lots of yoga to work out the contemplations.

Youtube video’s fascinated me in between, particularly the 9/11 World Trade Centre inside job.

Videos on the pineal gland, god consciousness, kabbalah, angels, energy healing, frequency healing, gold digging south Africa, ancient beings, Anunnaki, Sumerians, ET’s, crop circles, spiritual growth.

Over three months I learned so much about the world and realised I knew less than I realised. I began to realise the version of the world I thought I knew was very different from the world opening up to me. I began from that day a journey of self discovery, healing, awakening, remembering.

What is this all for?

The idea of governments, politics, wars, borders, laws, regulations – were all make believe, invisible belief systems. If you were a being from space and came to view our behaviour – you’d surely be perplexed.

Why do all these intelligent beings, children of the great creator act in a slave like manner being obedient to an invisible force.

People give hours of there day to work and pay bills?

We have free energy on this planet, and the forces of greed hide it and charge for harming the earth instead. We can feed ourselves, cloth ourselves and build houses from the land without money.

All we need is provided for us.

However there is a little bit of greed inbuilt into all of us, its called Ego.

Doubt it was there in the beginning, as though we were microchipped thousands of years ago.

As if our DNA had be hampered and altered to think more like the extra terrestrials attempting to ruin Gaia, all of Gods creation.

What about freedom?

What is money? Printed paper, and people ‘believe’ its worth their time and life.

The belief in this method of barter is so strong that people will do good things and will also do bad things for more bartering potential.

Accumulation of wealth, less debt and more power.

Power corrupts.

I’ve never ever seen an honest person in power.


Not in business, not in spiritual ashrams or healing centres.

I’ve been to many yoga ashram’s, any guru I met was far from pure.

I’ve stopped looking for Guru’s, the real Guru is within.

I wonder have I ever met an honest person, a two year old would rob sweeties and deny it.

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What’s with all the order and civil obedience?

How can all the human’s believe in things that make them behave in certain ways, and many will fight for these behaviours.

Look at the footage from WWI. Insanity.

Fighting for freedom?

No, fighting because the royal cousins fell out with each other.

Its so bizarre, when you start thinking about it.

What is it all for?

I wanted to know what my existence here was for.

Conformity never was my style, I love to feel free.

What is freedom?

I felt most free on a dance floor or at festivals, in my own happiness surrounded by happy people.

No-where to be, nothing to prove, ‘being’

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I’d visualise health, abundance, believing, creating.

Continually being grateful for every moment.

Owning very little – non-materialistic.

A lesson in humility and knowing we don’t need to own or buy much stuff.

Comfortable clothes, food (gluten free, dairy free, organic), shelter are the basic physical needs.

Being with a loving partner, a bonus.

Health, positive mind – even better.

I knew that if I set my mind and held a thought I could create it.

Money is an illusion, a very deceptive one.

You could come under the illusion freedom is having loads of money, then you can buy what you want, fly where you want, eat what you want, live where you want, on and on. You can only wear one pair of shoes at a time, one outfit, eat so much, travel so much – it all brings temporary pleasures, however they are fleeting and move on by. Its a kind of trap, you do have far more choices with €2,000.00 in your pocket as opposed to €20.00 in your pocket. However it is a mindset, you could feel worthless and unworthy of the good things in life, or you could take it as an opportunity to appreciate you present moment, appreciate the beauty around you, stopping to closely appreciate the detail in the flower petal, the works of art in the tree trunks, the interesting cloud formations – to be in wonder of the world around us. When you can do this you have succeeded as a human ‘being’, when you choose to feel misery you have failed the lesson for you are willing something other than this moment and this experience.

The experience is always subjective, all you ever have to do is change your mind.

It has occurred to me that money is more than printed paper and metal coins – its is an entity – a dark force which controls our perception of experiences, always hungry, wants to keep moving away from you and keep you chasing more.

All this came to me 9 years ago, I was happy with little, the basic needs of food, shelter and yoga – happy to have the time and space to experience time and space. I was happy filling the days with new concepts and no thoughts for I also knew it was all temporary.

My life’s mission would lead me on to greater abundance and a purposeful life.

Now I am a world away, possibly even a dimension away. Have spent 9 years studying, healing my own body and helping other to heal theirs. I’ve built a healing practice, have manifested most of the three months AutoCAD architectural drawings into physical form. Building another business within this form. Intentions become resolute. I’ve fulfilled the majority of images from the manifestation board. Became a yoga instructor many times over, visited the amazon jungle twice, trained as a dance instructor, have abundance of health and options to continually heal living a comfortable life.

And still I ask myself the question,

What is it all for?

Why am I here?

Filling the days helping people, lounging, eating nourishing foods, enjoying yoga and nature. I’ve stripped back all bad habits of that which no longer serves my souls purpose.

Still I feel idle, an emptiness, a disillusionment.

What is going on with this whole show?

It feels as though there is a huge spiritual war going on.

Is this an internal battle being played out in my perception.

Is all one?

Am I all that exists?

If the absence of God is satan / lucifer

This perceived darkness sure is luring good people in under its cloak.

Is any of it even real?

Am I penetrating through the matrix?

Could it all be an illusion?

The more I realise God consciousness the stronger the illusion becomes, pulling on the emotional chords keeping me bought into the matrix. Here are some examples of situations I am seeing today.

Climate Manipulation by Geoengineering, 5G Military Frequencies, SMART meaning Secret Military Armament for Residential Technology, Vaccines – slow euthanasia, Symbolism – occult symbols, Elite / Ruling classes and blood lines, Fraudulent Medical System – a modern religion based on belief, Cancer Industry intentionally creating cancer by sprays in geoengineering and toxic food, water and air, Smart Device radiation and mind control, Open borders – Human trafficking on massive scale, un agenda 2021, 2030 – De-population, propaganda, electrifying every machine, farming is under attack, homelessness, corruption in ever level of government and large business, failed civil servant system. That’s the main triggers at the moment. I have to remind myself daily its like a movie, its a illusion a test to see if I react or ‘Be’,

I’m so sad for the trees it does get to me.

I do wonder if the closer you come to God and feeling one with all, the more the illusion grabs on for your attention. 5G is a big eye opening, you can put your head in the sand and carry on with life staying out of all these issues ‘Not my problem’ and continue on, whoever 5G is a game changer.

There is no where to run and no where to hide. If you choose do do nothing you’ll get fried, its going into every lamp post, street boxes, smart meters, antenna’s, sometimes man holes and if you don’t think that’s enough Space X are looking to up 53,000 Satellite's up beaming it down upon the planet.

A worthy opponent.

That’s how strong God knows I am, the battle of Good V’s Evil – the eternal battle.

It is showtime – alike the show downs of Lemuria, Atlantis, Alexandria, the ancient worlds know of it well. The darkness like a black goo oil slick continually growing until the light shines brighter and brighter to overcome. The light always wins, that’s important to remember.

The veils have lifted now so that the light can get into those back corners – and by god it is dark in there. God also made the darkness.

So are we talking about two layers of god consciousness?

The Indians speak of Iswari – the god of which we can conceive of, has personality traits.

Brahma the great almighty beyond our conception and creator of all.

I am working my mind out of this simulated matrix,

Are the yogi’s right it is all within and we project out – creating our own experience like a movie. I feel restricted in my thoughts, like there is a paradigm and I cannot go beyond it, as though my mind is held captive in a cage.

I remember my philosophy lecturer in college saying “there are no new thoughts”.

The yogi’s also state to go beyond this monkey mind altogether, we are not our mind, go into the silence, still the mind and expand exponentially. The Buddhist's and Yogi’s agree this experience is the unreal – the real is experiencing the self as one with all, all is one.

Reality is unreality.

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Then there is karma and past lives, all part of the unreality.

The matter of the akashic records records where your actions create merit or demerits and your experiences are dictated by your last lifetimes actions.

Kabbalah shows a diagram where you start pure then keep dropping in consciousness each lifetime until you have experienced every aspect of the dark then loop back up the other side each life coming back more into higher consciousness returning once again to god consciousness.

The Hindu’s and Buddhists have their own way to express the path of some who are making karma and some how are cleaning karma. In Kabbalah, one doesn’t interfere with another’s path, in Buddhism we accept all as one in Inca teachings we express that there is a better path to clear our own connection with this energy.

The path of virtue, being with god, being generous, loving kind, forgiving, seeing god consciousness, seeing beyond the illusion, every experience is a challenge and an opportunity to be in sync with the great creator and never get side tracked nor distracted from purity

The Book of Enoch brought me to new appreciation of the origins of our troubles here on earth and further explanation is given in the Nag Hammadi texts, the Dead sea scrolls and the book of the dead. We were made in perfection by an Aeon called Sophia. Earth is described as a flat plain inside a firament.

Total purity, human ‘beings’.

We were inter-terrestrial and along came the extra terrestrial arcon’s whom defiled the beautiful ladies whom gave birth to nephilm children.

God in this instance is the Aeon Sophia as she is said to have created us.

Are we an experiment?

As we alike the mice in a university laboratory?

Or God experiencing the self?

Microcosm Macrocosm?

The attributes of the arcon energy is all that defiles/inverts/perverts the original divine plan.

As is the darkness that exists today.

This opens more questions than answers and gives us the idea that god and the great creator are different for Sophia has a creator. The Aeons are alleged to be beings from the centre of the universe creating everything in this galaxy.

What is this so called universe and is their such a thing called a galaxy?

I know of a suggestion that females can create an entire universe within themselves without male impregnation.

Within every cells it is said there is an entire universe.

Others say the universe is pure light, another concept is the universe is thought energy, every thought affects total creation. I do see how many people holding the same thought is very powerful and creative, example: mass meditation having a direct effect on the event being focused on.

Which suggests that is everyone on the planet laughed with joy at the same time we’d break through the matrix and go beyond the artificial restraints. That is of course suggesting that other people exist!

Is there 7 billion people on the planet?

(I’ve never met or counted personally)

Are they mirrors of you, illusions created in every moment.

Delores Cannon has a lovely video (another version of me!!) on the backdrop people saying very few are real and every time you walk into a room you recreate it, your mind is vast and so detailed it creates your experience in every moment.

It is almost beyond comprehension, the sitting room feeling the same and nothing changes yet it disappears and gets recreated every time I walk in and out.

Some assimilation this brain knows to create, the detail of every place I recognise is recreated every time. Wow!

Did you ever hear the phrase “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be moved from one source to another”, sounds ok – then the same people talk of the ‘big bang’ - so where did the energy come from? Energy cannot be created, then bang, creation out of nowhere!!!

This sums up science completely, facts are dependant on the agenda.

Gravity being a theory that has never ever been proven, it is an unproven theory.

Explained as the attraction of one force to another. So when I throw an object why does it always go forward then fall to the ground.

Why wouldn’t it continue forever?

How is it the attraction is always the same direction

– down to the ground.

Would it be fairer to suggest a lack of resistance southwards?

Created to suit Einstien’s theory of relativity (more theory no science), as far as I’m aware einstein worked in a patent office, he was a 33rd level mason, his wife wrote the E=mc2 E=energy, M=mass, c=speed squared.

Have you ever seen speed squared?

Can you square speed?

Speed of light according to science is the same constant in an empty vaccum / empty space. So light from planets are allegedly billions and billions of miles away which assumes the universe is an empty void, ok, so what about shooting stars they must be travelling a trillions and gazillions of miles away. Its all such junk and trash and tripe. Einstein is a fraud, science has been hijacked and nothing that we have been taught has any value. Solar flares are felt instantaneously, there is no time and space for light! You can telepathically send messages without time lapse.

Light is ever present, the darkness is a blocking of light – an overlay.

Upon discovering that there is no curve of the earth – it came to pass that every mathematical formula, equation, sin, tan cosine was all made up to suit the lies of pseudo science. I spent months researching the concept of a flat earth plain and it was such a huge topic showing me how many people believe in a concept without testing it for themselves, when a friend reminded me neither curve nor flat exists – it is all an illusion.

So I accept as best I can that it is all an illusion, and where does that leave one?

I’m still here, I still require food, shelter, love.

So perhaps I’m not totally convinced just yet.

Do I meditate it out?

Seems like a cop out, I do feel happy in yoga ashram’s, discipline and no responsibility singing hare krishna and bakti-ing my way back to god.

However it is all temporary.

I require money to stay there.

My soul’s calling is bringing me to action.

Action is waking to the truth of the illusion, pulling out threads of the false fabric.

Yoga gods appear to be nephilm.

Makes me wonder if they ever get to where they are planning on going!

The buddhists reject every bit of the illusion and meditate constantly, some gain full on super powers – their only action is rejection, are they still caught in the matrix?

They certainly appear to be toward to end of the karmic path.

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I feel that little I was taught is true.

It takes 48hours (according to Osho) to die on a cross,

Jesus was their for 6 hours on a Friday, Jew’s take off Saturday for rest day – he was gone on Sunday. The only mystery is how so many people believe the vatican dialogue and worship the cross. Not a word about his whereabouts from 12 years old to 30 years old. He went missing for 18 years of the probably the most crucial years of a man’s life and no one is talking about what he got up to.

Never had much pass on JC until being in India and saw all the books of Jesus’s life in India. Have since discovered he travelled far and wide and may even have come to Ireland. Yoga in India brought me closer to Jesus. Jesus the jew, born an israeli jew died and israeli jew became enlightened in the buddhist tradition, likely did yoga, if he’s anything like the current day israeli’s probably hopped of a chillum pipe and looked like a hippy.

He was a non conformist, totally awakened, spoke of the nephilm and is quoted speaking from the book of Enoch. This guy knew what was going on, a true master, an enlightened being. The church disregard’s his Dad Joseph, 14 generations from Abraham, then stole his death and glorified it.

Fake news sure has been round a long time.

I don’t know why I’m here, in existence.

I feel to do good, to be righteous – I’m unusual in that integrity is built into the hardware, that’s not common I’ve noticed. I’m at home in energy and frequency.

I like the sound of bliss, joy, compassion ease and flow.

All there truly is, is this moment, now.

Surrounded by apparent physical forms, they are dense energy with world in every molecule and feels oh so real.

What to do? What not to do?

‘I want . . . ‘ - still in the illusion

‘I need . . . ‘ - still in the illusion

Writing this – still in the illusion

So I don’t know how to get out, or go in,

I’m still here and always will be – in one form or another.

Perhaps its to dive deeper within.

Distractions in every moment,

TV’s, Dumb phones, work, obligations, responsibilities, family, thoughts, actions, deeds.

Not one to opt out of a challenge, I opt in.

Experience everything, in full vivid colour, willing to see the light in all matters. I may not always at times I may get triggered be events, however I am willing to see the light, and that is what is most important.

I am willing to see the light. I am willing to be the light. I am willing. I am. I . . . . . . .

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I hear of a place called the 5th Dimension,

I hear its about to bestow itself upon us

Perhaps it is me myself who is creating a new perspective. 

Whatever is going on, I sure am enjoying the rollercoaster ride.

Perhaps one day I will learn how to be

And I will come to know that neither time nor space does exist