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'Can' - cer - Self Healing

Let’s take the fear out of cancer,

Cell’s that don’t know to die.

The simple life of a cell,

It is born (mitosis), it is maintained (homeostasis), it dies (Apoptosis)

Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva

Generally diseases are due to a malfunction in cell death.

Inflammation is the bodies own defence system

Contributing Factors to Cancer

- Unregulated cell growth

- Genetic predisposition in certain cases

- Ancestral lineage predetermines health outcomes

- SNIPS – early childhood viruses which causes DNA mutations

- Toxins are known carcinogens, viruses, funguses, parasites, toxic metals, chemicals, radiations

- Break down of Kreb’s cycle, bodies inability to convert food to fuel

- higher glucose in blood which feeds Cancer cells

- pH levels of body too acidic creates cancer environment

- Hypoxia, cells starved of oxygen. Oxygen is known to wipe out cancer cells (Otto Wagner 1939)

- Low progesterone which blocks the activation natural killer cells

- Low Vitamin D - cells cannot repair, immune system weakens

- High nagalase

- Poor diet, eating non-nutrient food, food intolerances, poor digestion, leaky gut syndrome

- Negative belief system and mind-sets

- Negative past experiences, trauma’s, resentments, memories eating away at inside

- Living unhealthy lifestyle

- Known carcinogens – smoking, excessive alcohol, take away foods, high radiation environments, radon, inhaling chemicals, asbestos, building materials, geopathic stress, high stress lifestyles


About 18% of cancers are related to infectious diseases. These cancer causing viruses are called oncovirus eg. Human papillomavirus, Epstein-Barr Virus, Herpes, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C etc.

Helicobacter Pylori bacteria in the gut is known to cause gastric carcinoma parasites infections strongly associated with carcinoma of the bladder, liver flakes and bowel cancers.


Currently up to 10% of invasive cancers are related to radiation exposure. Medical imaging, radon gas, geopathic stress, antenna’s, power cable pylons etc. Ionising radiation hits molecules within cells randomly and can delete whole DNA sequences.

Note: (The SMART world bombardment is already creating untold damage, 5G is likely the most destruction radiation we've ever come into contact with, it is the step too far - investing in radiation protection now is highly advisable

Ref: Ex MI5 Physicist Barrie Trower


5-10% of cancers are inherited gene mutations. It is possible to have the gene’s and not have it expressed. Can be very much about gene expression, inherited belief systems, the thoughts you think, the food you eat, the water you drink, the exercise you take, overall consciousness. Within this bracket 75% of breast cancer and ovarian cancer have expressed BRCA1 & BRAC2 genes.

Physical Agents

Asbestos, Insulating glass wool/rockwool, powdered metalic cobalt, nickel, arsenic, crystalline silica. Building materials, farming chemicals, workplaces with toxic fumes etc.

Smoking, vaping, heavy drinking, toxic agents in synthetic foods, microwaved foods.

Note: (The toxic metals and chemicals from geoengineering plane offloads are likely the most toxic substances in our daily lives, high in aluminium nano particulates, barium, silver oxide, fermeldyhde and other bacteria's and viruses - the climate is being manipulated

Cancer is fundamentally a dis-ease of failure of regulation of tissue growth. For a normal cell to turn into a cancerous call, genes which regulate cell growth must be altered – mutations.

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Viral / Bacterial / Fungal / Parasitic Infections

Toxic Metals



Kreb’s Cycle

The conversion of food into energy.

Once broken down, glucose builds up in the body


The livers ability to clean the body has broken down to some degree

Metabolises neurotransmitters and hormones pathways


Cells starved of Oxygen

(Dr.Otto H Warburg – Nobel Peace Prize 1939)


Gene mutations caused by early viral infections or other gene defect

Emotional / Ancestral Trauma’s

Very deep rooted hurts, trauma’s and events which have left deep scars.

Ancestral lines, the actions and events of past ancestors carries on energetically

example: Deep rooted hurts, trauma’s manifest in the family lines


Lacking in folates, co-enzymes, minerals, D3, B12, EFA’s etc.

Years of dehydration and poor nutrient foods

Body is lacking in important minerals, vitamins, amino and fatty acids

Immune system

The immune system is under attack and is not seeing the cancerous cells as harmful

We have natural killer cells and they are not being stimulated on this issue


Oestrogen's, progesterones, testosterone’s being out of balance plays a major role in certain cancers.

These are on the steroid hormone path mostly broken down by the liver.

The hypothalamus gland is the master gland of the body’s endocrine system and under functions when toxic metals or viruses affecting the brain. The pituitary has a large roll in sending signals to excrete certain hormones and is alike an orchestra of the bodies vital systems. The pineal gland creates melatonin which is essential for overcoming hormone affected cancers.

pH Levels

PH levels out of balance, cancer cells tend to be acidic

An alkaline environment crucial for overcoming cancer.

(Note very high doses of Ascorbic acid are known to kill cancer cells and is an acidic form of vitamin C. However although it does get rid of all signs and symptoms it is debatable as to whether it removes the cancer stem cells) Depending on treatment, alkaline is usually preferred

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- Remove all toxins

All viruses, funguses, parasites, rogue bacteria’s removed using herbal tinctures and mineral support, de-toxify antibiotics, and other identified agents such as chemicals.

- Toxic Metal Detox

Remove mercury amalgams

Filter Water

Chelation Process

Ionising Foot Spa

Chlorella, Zeolite, Green support formula’s

- Radiation Detox

Ideally change to button phones and don’t use SMART devices

Turn off your router at night minimum

Use a cable to the computer and cover the router in EMF protection shield

Refuse tetra scanners in airports

Electric cars causing real problems for EMF sensitive people

If using tetra transmitters keep off your body

- Reintroduce nutrients

Testing for the nutrients your body requires to heal

Replenish the missing minerals, vitamins, amino acids and essential fatty acids

D3, B12, B17, Zinc, folates, SAM factors etc

Anti-cancer substances such as

Essiac Tea, Cistus Incantus Tea

Apricot Kernels

CBD and Hemp Oil

Melatonin stimulator's (400mg daily for oestrogen based cancers – available in USA)

- Up-regulate Immune System

The body is no longer recognising the cancer cells as harmful

Herbs, high D3 (up to 50,000IU daily) purify the mind, body and life

Vitamin C up to 20gms daily

CoQ10 – induces apoptosis (normal programmed cell death) in cancer cells

Bi-carbonate of Soda

Apple Cider Vinegar

Lemon Juice Therapy

- Clean up your lifestyle


Let go of toxic relationships and habits

Make healthy changes and choices

Cease watching toxic soaps, reading toxic newspapers and get off social media

- Diet

Remove gluten, dairy, lectins if necessary

Be prepared to starve out the cancer, fasting, intermittent fasting

Ketosis, remove all sugars and carbohydrates, increase healthy fats and oils

Completely organic diet, juicing vegetables

Eat alkaline foods

Coffee Enema’s

Other diet’s might be considered

Budwig diet, Gerson therapy diet, Bill Henderson diet, Brandt diet


Ki Science ionising foot spa

Bio-photon light frequency machine

(These two I have personal experience of and highly recommend, they would be my first ‘go-to’)

The Rife machine is one I’ve often heard about and many swear on, there is a lot of great science in it. Their are likely many. Frequency, vibration, colour and sound can create miracles.

- Emotional Release

Shamanic Healing, Energy Healing, Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony

Family Constellations

Tapping out emotions with guidance

Inner child healing

Counselling if known trauma

NLP courses

Reading Metaphysical material – mind set of the utmost importance

Acknowledging our own subconscious saboteur

Be willing to stop manipulating, going behind the scenes, being a victim

Letting go of toxic relationships with yourself and others

Release all anger and resentments

Seek a spiritual path

Gratitude – be thankful for every second and every breathe

See the beauty in every moment

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Chris Ashill Smith’s of Epigenetic's International

11 step Epigenetic Program

Step 1 – Healing the Root Emotional Causes of Cancer

Step 2 – Eliminating all inner and outer stresses

Step 3 – Reducing stress hormone cortisol levels

Step 4 – Increasing melatonin levels

Step 5 – Boosting / Supporting the immune system

Step 6 – Cleansing the body of cancer causing fungi and microbe’s

Step 7 – Detoxifying the Body

Step 8 – Nutrition and re-alkalising the body’s pH

Step 9 – Overcoming the subconscious death wish*

Step 10 – Connecting to God / Accepting Divine Healing

Step 11 – Choosing Alternative Treatment

Note: It is important to understand that cancer is only a warning that you have momentarily lost your will to live and that you can at any time regain it.

The Lord’s Prayer said out loud daily in Aramaic of in Latin very effective in late stage cancer treatment.

The Our Father in - Aramaic

Abwoon d’bashmaya

Netqaddash shmak

Teete malkutah

Nehvwey tzevyannach aykanna

d’bashmaya aph b’arha

Havian lahma d’sunqananon yaomana

Washbwoqian haubvayn aykana

daph hnan shbvoqan


Wela tahian le’ynesyuna

Ela patzan min bisha

Metul dilakhe malkuta wahayla

Watashbuhta l’ahlum almin


The Our Father in Latin

Pater noster qui es in Caelis

Sanctificeteur nomen tuum

Adveniat regnum tuum

Fiat voluntas tua

Sicut in Caelo, et in terra

Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie.

Et dimmite nobis debita nostra

Sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris

Et ne nos inducas in tentationem

Sed liberia nos a malo.


Dietrich Klinghardt Protocol

- show emotional issues stem from womb or ancestral trauma

- Dietrich puts far more emphasis on current toxins such as aluminium, glyphosate, fungi & retro viruses

- Frequency colour treatment and ionising essential

- Looks at bodies ability to heal

- Equipment to up-regulate cancerous area’s to get the immune system to recognise the rogue cells

- Stresses importance of low to no EMF environments

- Use of tapping to release unconscious emotions

- Herbal tinctures, clean diet, positive emotions and thoughts

Other Notes:

Dr. William Grant Ph.D – Internationally recognised scientist and Vitamin D expert, found that 30% of cancer deaths could have been prevented by higher levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D increases calcium absorption. B – Lymphocytes which fight infection are made inside the bones.

According to the Irish Cancer Society, they claim cancer to be the number one cause of death in Ireland. 1 in the every 2 people are likely to experience cancer in their lives. Rather than waiting for the grim weeper to come knocking at the door, perhaps a proactive method of preventing cancer ought to be considered now. The numbers are astonishing. You must do it for yourself. The health service is not interested in prevention. Their public waiting lists for general tests are over a year and growing, the wait for chemotherapy is less than a week. The medical system offers no other options. Large Pharmaceutical companies coach doctors and health services, they earned over $150,000,000,000.00 last year. That is $150 billion. That is a lot of power and influence.

Health Resources

Books – Louise Hays, You can Heal your Life

Music – Music in 428Hz, 532hz or other healing hertz,

Baroque classical music, drum beats,

Support – Seek out healing group workshops

Shamanic or energy healing workshops

Creative expression classes, painting, dancing, foraging, cooking health foods

Connect with nature

Forgive your past

Be willing to change

Nourishing Self talk

Other References

Follow the path of medical cancer

The Truth about Cancer Documentary

G Edward Griffin on B-17

Wilheim Reich – Orgone Energy

Greg Braden – Healing Cancer in China with sound frequency

Rife Frequency Instrument

Physicist Mike Emergy Orgonmic Bubbles for 5G protection

Rick Simpson - CBD Oil