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The Winds of Autumn

It has been over a month since we all had to battened down the hatches to welcome Hurrican Ophelia across our lands. There are some intense energies on the planet at the moment, so we really do need to be looking after ourselves.

Clinical Observations: I am seeing an abundance of viral infections sweeping through the past 5 weeks. Almost 100% of people are showing for flu virus, which is actually very rare. The only ones that haven't shown to date were either out of the country at the time of the storm or were already on silver or herbs. It is alleviated with 'Silver'. Liquid Silver, ionic or colloidal works well.

So far everyone tested has uranium in there system. Astragulus muscle tests well. Think Heavy Metal Detox. Chlorella is great, lots of greens and lots of omega 3 oils, ketosis diet. People are feeling it in their bones, old aches have come back, back pain, joint pains and fatigue. Iodine is incredibly important to support the thyroid which gets negatively affected in radiation. Eating sea Veg, adding kelp or the likes to your foods. I would recommmend having iodine in your home.

It is low Vitamin D season. Vitamin D is essential and our body doesn't make its own, also it carries better into the cells if it has a black pepper or black cumin seed oil in it. Vitamin D3 with K2 is a good choice for the bones.

Oils! Think about your joints, the fluidity of your back, the ease of flow internally. Oil makes all these things loose and fluid. Vitamin E oil, Starflower Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Omega 3:6:9, Flax Seed, Walnut, Olive, Hemp, Coconut Oil, there are loads available. Aldi are doing an Organic Avacado Oil at the moment which is great. Organic is King - always.

Plenty of Nuts and Seeds, great for oils and minerals such as Zinc and magnesium, also helps with sugar cravings and it good for you! Also considering how to reduce sugars, lots of veg juices and soups, dark chocolate, Yogi tea do a choco flavour that hits the chocolate craving spot nicely with all the benefits!

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Environmental Stresses

Sprayed foods, sprayed skies, flouridated water, wifi, 3G, 4G, 5G, vaccines, haarp, glen towers, smart phones, smart homes, smart eletricity, chemical and weather warfare - the list keeps going.

Bombarded by toxins.

Not to fear, Healing is here.

Help yourself with ACES.
Vitamin A, Vitmain C, Vitmain E and Selenium
These are very useful detoxifiers.

Look after your Liver - liver detoxification.
Milk Thistle, Liver Liquescence, Greens, Superfoods

Nutrient Phase I & II (epigenetics or metabolics)
Parsley, Beetroot, Ginger, Onions, Garlic, Lemon
Good Oils.

Wifi / Electro Magnetic - This is common, babies,children & animals very sensitive to EMF's. Adults are too however most will sacrifice a percentage of energy everyday to have the latest technology. Long term immunity issues increase sensitivity. Must have a look at getting out old viruses and up regulating immune system. High dose vitamin C helps this.

Heavy Metals in your body increase the intolerance to emf's

Coriander, Garlic, Activated Charcoal, Brazil nuts

Chlorella is grear for chelatin metals, also spirulina, super greens & green foods.

Gold, Iodine, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium

8.3Htz is the resonance of Mother Earth, in this vibration EMF's cannot cause harm

Spider plant's, cactus or African Violet plant in the house absorb some of the toxicity

Grounding is important. Ensuring you have an energetic connection to mother earth.

Grounding can be an issue if the base chakra is out of balance.

Base Chakra & Hypothalmus strong relationship, the hyp. will go out of balance with toxic metals.

Microbes, bacteria, viral, fungal, paracites - Colloidal Silver is a good alrounder, also black walnut herb

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Hurricane Ophelia brought some surprises and most have yet to realise.

Research Weather Warfare & Geo-Engineering
Do you remember the deadness in the air, the heaviness, no birds singing. That was the uranium.

There were many other chemicals including fermeldyhde, ethylene glycine, dioxins, viruses bacteria's, e-coli and nagalase

That is what I am finding in people working with kinesiology & bio chemistry. Ionic Silver is getting out the virals, bac's and nagalase. This ketosis diet is very helpful for getting toxic metals out of the fat cells. Really do up you vitamin C as toxins leave the cells and go into the blood stream. Astragalus is testing well against the chemicals and uranium. Chlorella is usefull for chelating metals.

Either way, get detoxing - fast, make it a way of life.

We need to be more assertive with our health - only you can do that for you.
This is real.
The ascension is upon us.
The Great Awakening.
Its up to each and every one of us to awaken, to see through the veils into the new paradigm.
We have this power to create.
And creators we are, know thine strength
You are worthy of the best in life.
Manifest a perfect life for you.
Take nothing personally
Its a huge priviledge to be on this beautiful planet at this time.