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Nutritional Ketosis

A Guide to Your Health

Fat and Sugar are two big issues for people.

The numbers are staggering of how obese people and children actually are.

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Sugar & transfats are part of the problem, putting them repetitively into your mouth is the other part. 

In October I took an intensive Kinesiology workshop on how to fix these issues.

A lot can be done on the plinth and using herbs with minerals, however a lifestyle change is integral -

a new appreciation for your beautiful apparatus, your body.

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Dietary recommendations for fat burning

Preparation: Pick up some urinary ketone test strips from the chemist. This is to know when your in ketosis, which means your burning fat instead of sugar. Give your sugars and carbs a new home off your shelves and have loads of greens, meats and oils bought in.

Stage 1: Eat as normal until 7pm. Then the 48 -72 hour fast begins. Stay fasting until the ketone stick shows you are expelling ketones. The more insulin resistant the longer it will take. If you do not have the sticks go to the 48hours. During this process stay hydrated drink water, herbal tea, water with lemon juice.

Stage 2: Now you can eat!
Any - Meat with the fat including bacon, ham, pork, chicken with skin etc
- Fish, any fish. Can serve drizzled with lemon and olive oil
- cheese, any
- eggs, as many as you want - opt for free range
- Green vegtables - some carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes
- lots of avacado, some butter, olive oil, walnuts, nuts and seeds

NO - milk, yoghurt, bread, biscuits, pasta, cakes or potatoes

NO - fruit for 2 weeks. After that you can eat a handful or berries

NO - Processed foods or snacks.

No eating after 7pm. Doing a 24 hour fast once a week helps metabolism. Aiming for a 1 month Ketosis.

2 Meals a day - no snacking
75 - 85% Good Fats
Avacado, Nuts, Olive Oil (Greek best) Omega oils, Sacha Inchi, cheese, cream, clean meats

10 - 15% Protein - Grass fed meats, cheese fish
5 - 10% Complex Carbs - Green Veg, Seeds and Nuts. Around 50gms daily

1 - Super slow strength training. eg. doing a bicep curl with a tin of beans in your hand and doing it as slowly as is possible. 10 reps, can do on any muscle in body. Will increase strength by 50%

2 - High Intensity Interval Training eg. 3 min warm up, run for 30 seconds, walk 90 seconds, sprint 30 seconds. 10 reps. Twice weekly. This switches back on fat burning hormone.Add paragraph text here.

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Vitamin C - a powerful anti - oxidant. As toxins start leaving the cells you will need a cleaner to come take the toxins out of the body. 1gm a day is good, 3 gms is better however may cause diarrhea.

In the case of cancer, no food 72 hours - absolutely no sugar or carbs, 20gms Vit C. Powdered form, 2 gms every hour - will cause diarrhea. Keep going until cancer is gone. Also, use frankincense on tongue. Must up regulate immune system so that it recognises the cancer cells. Green support formula ( Omega 3 Oils, High dose vitamin C and tumeric with black pepper.

Vitamin D3 - preference - use with K2 (unless on warfarin, then straight D is fine) 5000iu daily. Excess weight leads to low D3. UV light turns cholestrol to D3. If you have cholestrol - get on it! Low D causes marbling in the meat and causes inflammation making it harder to lose weight.

Omega Oils - Oils softens and moves fats. Margarine fats last 50 days + in your fat cells. In your fat cells is every chippy or pack of tayto you've eaten in tha last 10 years. Good oils are organic. Olive oil, coconut oil, walnut oil, rapeseed oil. Seabuckthorn reduces fat in liver, contains palmitoleic acid. Also suppresses production of new fat cells. Higher the PA levels the greater the fat burning capability.

Iron - too little and we can't break down fats, too much causes back pain and shortness of breath.

Herbs & Spices - Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Cayenne, Tumeric, Chilli's, Cinnamon, Black pepper. Also throw in lots of Green teas, Apple Cider Vinegar (capsules preferred as can rot teeth) Garlic

Inulin - feeds good bacteria which eats up fat cells. Insoluable fibre - great for constipation. Reduces appetite.

L- Carnitine - appetite suppressant. Regulates memory. Helps anxiety and sleep. (L-Theanine also helps sleep)

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) - 3gms daily to lose fat

L-Carnisine - to remove iron from cells. Relevent in Haemochromatosis. Will know by ferratin levels in blood tests. 70 medically ideal. 600 - 2000 = haemochromatosis.Add paragraph text here.

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Clinical Pearls

Hot / Cold - Infra Red Saunas remove toxins from fat cells. Cold causes fat to burn calories. So that cold shower after a sauna isn't such a bad idea afterall!

Epilepsy - helped greatly with nutritonal ketosis.

MS/Parkinsons - loads of omega oils - need oil for myelin sheaths. Flesh of fish better than liver for oil source. Flax seeds, Olive, Sacha Inchi, Walnut

Dopamine - addictive tendencies - want more irrationally. Binging exhausts dopamine receptors, increasing impulsiveness and decreasing control over behaviour. Here's a link into how facebook manipulates your dopamine Youtube clip

Gut Bacteria - "I must have ......", "I must eat ......", "I must get ........" Gut bacteria over power the system. Anti-biotics wreck havoc in the gut. do a Smart Probiotic - very good.

Cholestrol - associated with vitamin D3 deficiency. Sacha Inchi Oil (metabolics) will take down in days, 1 teaspoon daily.

Meats - healthy to eat generally. If poorly treated all toxins, antibiotics, aluminiums will be in the fat. That fat stays for up to 10 years in your fat! Worth thinking about. You are what you eat!

Uric Acid - All Vitamin C gone. Needs omega 3 oils. Goes high in response to fructose. Symptoms of high uric acid include gout, kidney stones, crystals in joints, arthritis, lumpy bits in ears and neck, leads to high blood pressure, can bruise easily.

Thyroid - 1 week of low sugar/ carbs tones down thyroid problems. PS high uranium levels during storm will of had a negative effect on everyone, predominately thyroid imbalances.

Soy - 90% Genetically modified. Soy is a lectin. Lectin makes holes in your gut.

Gut Repair - Activated Coconut Charcoal. L-Glutamine. Fasting.

NAC - great for viral infections on the skin or deeply rooted virals. Also great for sinuses, gets rid of mucus, helps cranials and teeth problems. Use for paracetemol overdoses, first make them vomit then swollow 10 NAC tabs, can't overdose. Mother's aid in the home for curious kids.

Oil Pulling - Coconut oil with magnesium will clean teeth and rid plaque. Charcoal also great.

Sleep - sleeping all the time think viral infection. Not sleeping think nutrient deficiencies. Waking several times to pee is a toxicity problem. Waking around 4/5am possibly worms.

Dogs & Cats - Carnivores, meant to eat meat. Not made for cereals. Are your pets chubby and cute? Its not cute, its fat. Current wheat grain is so damaged our bodies doesn't read it as food, pets are even more sensitive!

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