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The Star Treatment

Raelta Carlow - low down and dirty

My Dad was struggling with his knee, which he had a bolt put in following a hurling game in 1981. He'd gone to the doctor's and had x-rays etc. and the doctor's felt he was fine however he couldn't actually walk on it and it was hurting him. A dear friend and client recommended the famous Star Geoghegan in Carlow who's known for working with Usain Bolt and other successful athletes. Dad being an athlete himself in his youth felt this was the man for the job.

We went for a few visits, Star had a consultant's personal number in Aut Even and Dad was booked in to see a surgeon by the 3rd visit. I was so happy with the service at the time and he charged very reasonably including scans - on the next visit I brought him up a bag of handmade bath salts which I handmade to show appreciation practitioner to practitioner.

He was saying things at the time that certainly weren’t leaning towards necessary such as “I really like your hips”, other comments like this – however I took no notice of him, I just ignored it and kept quiet. Often thought of Jeffrey Epstein when I was in his office and even brought up his name a few times. However this guy was kind of funny and entertaining I didn’t put any pass on the tongue in cheek kind of commentary.

Another time I went up I gave him a bottle of potassium iodides and a 5G protector as I could feel Raelta is in 5G and potassium iodides help with dealing with radiation. I was in full isolation at this time, had quit all social interaction due to very strong headaches whenever I was anyone near an injected person. He was one of the only people I had contact with and I really appreciated that I could be in the same room as someone without pain in my head.

I never took this guy seriously – he’s like a clown in the raelta circus, full of entertainment and tricks, a very 7 of swords energy – no doubt he’s good at what he does, usually in and out in
10/15 minutes, back always felt better afterwards.

In hindsight, he was getting his body closer to mine in every visit. Once I turned around to point to the L5/Sacrum and when I turned around he was right up on my body holding my hips, I could feel myself holding my breath and not making eye contact. Several people had said to me he’s a little unorthodox jumping around the place and carrying on.

The next visit he walks right up to my face with force and announces he’s attracted to me, I pulled a weird face and shook my head like wtf drugs are you on, looking very puzzled because there was nothing behind it, he’s in his own fantasy world. He’s the kind of guy you could have a laugh with and a bit of banter – so still wasn’t taking him seriously. He kissed me at the door going out and I slapped him. If it’s not a definitely yes, its a no, and I don’t think I was giving him any reason to jump to the conclusion that I was sexually interested in him albeit appreciative of his professional services.

Dad had two surgery’s – they did his hip first even though there was nothing at all wrong with his hip, it was tested by several osteopath's and scans showed it was just fine. None the less, the
surgeon said this is how he works. My feeling at this point is the surgeon is making himself more money and my father expense and having health insurance walking into a private hospital means they make it their business to find problems. I have every fate that star gets commissions on referrals. He’s got the surgeon on speed dial!!! I can almost see them hanging out drinking whiskey and snorting coke laughing at there business model. He did do a good job at the
surgeries even if he added an extra body part for holiday cash.

star had started to contact me on whatsapp and I couldn’t relate to the wishwashy shite he was sharing, it was so false, I’d say he had about 15 woman on the go sending them all the same nonsenes. I’m an energy practitioner, nothing here was adding up. So I shut him down with a few crazy meme’s of Biden body's body double and mother theresa being anthony fauci’s Dad. I knew he didn’t have any awareness whatsoever and this stuff would be way over his head and he’d likely lose interest which he did, didn’t hear any more from him via whatsapp.

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I was seeing this guy as a dumb gym guy – no brain capacity – full of drugs for pumping iron – unstable. I honestly wondered if you needed to fail an IQ test to get into his gym. It was very clear that what you see is not what you get, he spent his life wearing masks to hide from himself, however people know, people always know when someone is being fake no matter how good they think they are at it.

Several months later, I was under an enormous amount of pressure running the family business, we hosted a wedding for 180 people, Dad and Mam were out of action due to health issues and I was in trouble with my back. I did go to some other practitioners for help, it didn’t help and one of them had entity possession. Wow, choice’s were slim here!

I knew anthony could fix it and perhaps after several months he’s found someone else to lunge himself at. Got in touch, went back for an appointment, lots of self talk, don’t give this guy any hint of connection, get in and out, get your back sorted. The appointment went fine, everything was professional and I didn’t speak very much, was putting on my jacket, then he asked me for a hug, oh God, I was about to hug him when he pinned me up against the black door in his office, started gyrating his groin into mine, I could feel his hard penis pushing against me, he asked me if I am sensual or sexual to which I replied “neither anthony what are your doing? I’m trying to figure you out” and he carry’s on kissing me, I did kiss him back at first however it got out of hand really quickly.

He put his hand between my legs and I was so sure he was trying to get my clitoris out through my tonsils, it such force it took all my strength of the two hands to get his hand out from crotch. I stopped him again “anthony what are you doing, I can’t figure out” – this totally confused me as he’s clearly a player and doesn’t know how to touch a woman, like the wtf is this guy, nothing normal here. He pulled up my top and started sucking on my left breast. I said it a 3rd time “anthony what are you doing?”. He responded by turning me around and humping me from behind. It was like a porn show for 1. He then pulled my hair hard and shoved his tongue into my mouth. I was thinking this could be really hot if only I knew him!

He got off me eventually……… and this was a new one for me, asked me if I’d like to watch him masturbate later. My face made an expression I had never felt before, appalled, dismayed, totally
shocked, this guy does not know when to stop, he seriously doesn’t know this is inappropriate. The experience just kept on going lower and lower and lower and the concern is this guy had many more level of low to go, it was a bottomless pit of depravity.

That was July 2022. I thankfully never heard from him again however I left there that day feeling really yuck. I sat in the car and watched him wave at clients and I though this guy is the reason feminists exists, he’s the reason the ‘MeToo’ movement exists. When I looked at his sexual energy to me it looked dead, it was grey and stagnant, so him being a perpetrator didn’t make any sense to me yet his actions were self evident and he had a habitual tone going on, I was
far from the first, he did like a habit, he did it like it was the most normal thing in the world.

This hurt, it hurt deep. I felt even more withdrawn and kind of gave up on everything I was fighting for. I no longer could carry on the business cos the wind was completely knocked out of my sails. I’m well aware that sexual assaults cause huge problems in the womb, its like the womb closes itself for protection and it feels like a large knot. You’ll find most woman with ovarian cysts and uterus cancers have been assaulted, the body will create cells for its own protection and if its not released its serious health issues.

I decided there and then in the carpark that I would not allow myself to be a victim. God put me here and I am going to heal this as quick as possible and not allow it affect my life. I had been assaulted before by a 1st cousin Mark Fallon from Corbo, Heatherbrook, Roscommon, who’s now in Vietnam with underage girlfriends, sicko’s everywhere. I decided this was Gods way of helping me release all negative male experience’s and to end this karmic cycle so that it never happens again. I choose to make myself a better person and to use this momentum to free all negative experience’s from my womb. Being overly guarded had brought me back to square one so I have to fix this so I didn't lose trust in men.

In the weeks after this I spoke with some girls whom also visited him and I had actually recommended him to them– everyone of them were 'hit on' in his office. Without your knowledge, if you have a vagina Star see’s you are begging for his penis, he really believe’s every woman really wants him, and he’s doing them a favour by not asking and diving right in. This story doesn’t end here. The 4ft garden gnome has many more levels of low to go. He’s so addicted to drink, drugs and porn that he has lost touch with what is real and what is 5 hours of pornhub a night.

In October my friend who had recommended him asked me how I got one, I never spoke a word to anyone because I was embarrassed and ashamed, it hurt and I didn’t want to talk about it. However, when he asked it came out and we both agreed the “do you want to see me
masturbate” was very like something a pedofile would say, or the pervert swim coach. This is when I realised this was a lot worse than I had initially realised. This is a serious predator, he has been hurting a lot of woman for a very long time.

My friend was devastated for me and felt a little responsible, he must of rang him, because the next day he rang me and asked did I get a phone call or apology, to which I said no. It’s January 20th now and I still haven’t. I figured that an apology would be an admittance to guilt and he’d be thinking of his business and couldn’t give a toss about me.


Moral of the story: Cheap, is expensive.

Anyone obsessed with their own boundaries, like 15 signs for “Don’t walk on the grass” (what else is the earth for?) hedges cut pedantically, a lawn that the blades of grass are afraid to grow in………. And then blurs the shit out of everyone else’s boundaries, they are wearing a mask full time. Never shows himself because he hates himself, so pretends all day long. Has lived a false life, and everything in it is false. He had mighty boundaries, yours are for stomping on!!! Such a nobody!

Anthony Geoghegan you are a thief, a sexual deviant, an unGodly character and nothing will come good of this. Change your ways and save your own life - or at the very least stop yourself form assaulting more woman, "She was only going for a run" - how about "she was only going to get her back fixed". Woman are not safe when creeps like this exist - when they ought to be protecting woman, they are abusing woman, It's now right.

Do I recommend Raelta?
y for psychotic nymphomaniacs - every woman in the country be warned, he'll try to fuck you whether you like it or not. Every man in the country, if your love your wife, sister, daughter, don't let them near this place, it's bad news.  

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March 8th 2023 - International Women's Day

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