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January SciFi Update

Potential Energy becomes Kinetic Energy


That was a 3 years I wasn’t expecting. Ok, sit quietly, observe. Transmute. Give it back to God, he’ll laugh and say it’s already in the wash. Gratitude – A Warriors Prayer. Alchemising the dark
and returning it to the light.

Two Titans rise up from the depths in a battle of trespass and ownership. There may be thieves in the house however it does not change the structure of the building. This is Gods Earth and the invaders are over due on their eviction notice. It’s the nephilm, they are at it again. Creators of the mind virus program, the original parasites,the DNA disruptors. Turned up pre-flood to mess up everything God made, it's their nature!

Balancing this on the other hand is an ascension process where the DNA in human’s appears to be expressing with greater potential than ever in this lifetime. As the Light increases the cells excrete cleaning itself, shedding of the snakes skin on our veil of reality. The human’s potential energy therefore grows, in that it was always there however it was blocked artificially, and now nature is prevailing. This will therefore become kinetic energy which means: manifest into physical form and has movement, time and space. Purusha and Prakrita.

An amazing realisation came this week that all past lives are existing right now, all lives are happening here and now,living them all at once. If you think this reality is boring, you wanna see what your handling in astral. Wheredo you go for 8 hours a night in your sleep? What’s happening deep inside your consciousness when you sleep? It’s very busy in there beyond time and space.


In the ancient Indian writings called the Mahabharata, it speaks of a nuclear war that wiped out everything. Here’s an few instagram links for photo’s of melted buildings and other interesting pages.


Radioactive elements europium, thulium,

The injected ones are also nuclear, with radioactive europium and thulium emittance. I see a pattern here. We’re experiencing it now (again) because we are experiencing every lifetime and here is how it’s expressing in kinetic energy this time round.

I do wonder the details of the 5G connection, I feel fatigued and not bothered, memory slacking, lacking lustre and vitality, and I also chelate, detox and cleanse ongoing constantly. How’s the others doing? I’ve no idea, dare not look. Have you come across the backdrop people?


We are living on a carbon planet – organic wisdom and the wonderful sutras from Patanjali who is half man half snake! Yes – strange don’t ye think.! Did an very good job on the sutra’s, wrote in higher knowledge More and more the reckon the nephilm made the serpents. The yogic path is said to be a path to freedom via samadhi, samadhi is a deep inner knowing that we are an ocean of oneness and there is no separation, all is one. With that knowing, I wondered around Wexford, Waterford and Dublin before Christmas and felt so completely and utterly different. It's just not the same anymore, not after last year being evicted from society, it's some of that however its not only that, there's a vaccant look, we've becomes islands. . I see that they are all on the same frequency and I’m not in that brain wave. Thank God I can still smile and be happy.



We are living on a carbon planet – organic material.
The archon’s invaded, gaveu s the nephilm, they were silicone – non organic material.
There’s a bunch of hacked humans whom have declared a war on carbon.
You are the carbon they are discussing, btw, its us they are attempting to bring to zero!
They aren’t a fan of human’s strangely enough. Here's Bill Gates discussing all you need to know about injections for population control

The green agenda is most definitely going to intensify to ridiculous levels for Agenda 2030 to
be brought to fruition. I suspect this will be the breaking point for the public to realise the governments are not on their team and there is something more sinister at the heart of matter. Going to through in a breaking point bet here for April/May 2023, likely the farmers will burst the banks first, business owners likely not far behind.

The Emperor has no clothes.The WEF is falling apart. Soon everyone will know claus schwabs name mauuuwwww whhhhaaaaa haaaaaa. Kind of like a scene from Austin Powers and this guy is Dr. Evil. He's a public leader of the ‘they’ people running your government, media, social systems, corporations, major company’s and everything with power - and I doubt very much that ‘they’ are human. These reptiles keep turning up, wanting to take over the earth, loving torture and all things nasty, makes war to feed on the deprived, Walking around in human suits, doing gastly nasty things. They are so tricky and have 4th dimensional ability's, yet lack humour and creativity. Lol!


Made an early appearance in the bible in the garden of Eden, had his way with Eve and she gave birth twins Abel, son of Adam and Cain, son of Reptile. Cain ate Abel, Cannibal. You
guessed it, the ‘they’ people also eat humans. It’s a strange club and all the royalty and billionaires are in it. They had a restaurant in LA called Cannibal Club visited by celebs and politicians etc. It’s since closed, zuckerbergs wife was said to be part owner. Here’s a human meat project currently running

Enjoying Elon’s new twitter experience, albeit I still have a lifetime ban– however, enjoying the x-file releases – there is something very Trump-like about how he is presenting himself at the moment. He’s born into a dark family, he’s ma is a dude and not too friendly looking, made
their money allegedly in Emerald mines in South Africa, now own most of the lithium mines, illuminati, moves like the tin man, groomed, horizontal flying space rockets, robots vs humans agenda, neurolink, child’s name that a mathematician couldn’t pronounce, appears to have programmed empathy. And hark now hear, he’s a very likeable fella, at the moment that is, wavers.

Could it be Trump’s consciousness inside of Elon’s clone?

The other Trump sure ain’t Trump. It’s swampy. (Jordan Sather Mar-A-Lago was a bio-hacking set up)

Nothing new in 2 years –Inorganic, not natural.

Same dialogue on repeat.

Ain’t feeling him.

Haven’t felt his presence on this earth for over a year now.

YMCA and canvassing for Fauci!

I could see him agreeing to go inside the matrix alike in ‘inception’.

Imagine is ‘Ye’ was also Trump’s consciousness. Lol!

“Do you wanna buy a sleeve?"

One reason I am saying this is that I am seeing it in real time. Whilstgoing through advanced teacher training these past 4 months, deep in advanced pranayama and various meditations and concentrations, I’ve had a great opportunity to cleanse my energy channels further. As light came in, issues appeared in physical which required emotional release from, alike past life karma’s being roll called. Have had very interesting dealings in the astral world, in the dream world and
energetically in the physical realm. Clearing all the ancient channels, purifying the tunnels, blessing the experience, being lead by God.


Onwards and upwards, through rocky hill and cloudy sky, the storm rages onwards amidst the rising of warriors to reclaim the earth and expand beyond comprehension. Come what may, our path forward is being forged every second, your mind, your consciousness is the mighty prize.