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The Peru Experience

Peru - Journey to the Light Within

As you may have been aware, appointments were halted for January as I took a Spiritual Journey into the heart of Peru. A working holiday of sorts. Traveling with two companions Alternative in nature and avid Energy Healers through there own sense of intuition and feeling.

We were guided by two 'Chacaruna's' (a bridge to the light within) to high vibrational Sacred Temples throughout Peru and Bolivia. Every site was a ceremony, asking permission to enter each one with humble gratitude to Mother Earth (pachamama) and Father Sky. All of the Sacred Temples are aligned with the constellations and have been created to assist us in raising our consciousness.

Simply entering these Temples would raise the hair on your body and spin all your chakra's into bliss. We were very privileged to also have the experience of their ancestors Sacred Plant Medicine in Ceremony. The first is called Wachuma which awakens the memories of your DNA, it also clears old past wounds and trauma's. Alike putting your hurts into a washing machine and feeling complete gratitude and understanding afterwards.

In the second part of our journey we traveled to the Amazon Jungle. The jungle is a different world with a heat that would make a sauna feel luke warm. Here we traveled deeper into our selves with the medicine known as Ayahuasca. These ceremonies were provided by a Master of Ceremonies with a power of insight that I have never seen before in my life. I felt very comfortable in his energetic protection and have great respect for his directness and no-nonsense approach. This is deep work and a powerful Master. Within this medicine we travel within ourselves to the higher dimensions. The level of cleansing is indescribable. The insight, visions and guidance beyond profound. 

Truly a privilege. A lifetime of lessons in Compassion, Forgiveness and Grace. Eternally grateful for these opportunities of Healing.


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