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Power of Puma - Strength of Will

I woke this morning with a strength of will, the Peruvian's describe as the energy of The Puma.

The will to improve myself, to continually cleanse and spiritually grow.

The world is a chaotic place, where is 'common sense' really gone?

Illogical is the new logical.

Galway plays in the Leinster cup. Australia competes in the Eurovision.

Service stations, you have to service yourself.

The service industry has no service whatsoever.

What happened to common courtesy, a friendly smile, a stranger helping out another?

How did we come to bow to bureaucracy  . . . excessively complicated administrative procedure.

"the unnecessary bureaucracy in local government"

synonyms: red tape, rules and regulations, etiquette, protocol, officialdom, (unnecessary) paperwork;

humorous bumbledom

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The vibration of planet earth is rising. Growth hurts, we're expanding beyond what we already belief we are. The only way I know how to deal with these changes is to keep changing myself, keep growing and expanding. Accept the new, accept the journey, accept that we do not know the outcome.

The rules of earth that once made sense, now make no sense for they are expanding.

The key no longer fits. We are blessed with the new children being born on this earth with their 6th sense already opened and alert. We are blessed by the keepers of the light and those awakening to their souls path - the Light Keepers.

The energy of Puma offers me light through the darkness, through the unknown.

The strength of will to continually seek the light.

The strength to know that each and everyone is made in the likeness of the great Universal and we have the power to co-create our experience here on planet earth.

The Power of Attraction.

Universal Laws.