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Hunting Season at Grangeville

A Biological escaping the matrix

Laying on a massage plinth in an apartment in The Beaches, Toronto. I hear Anita the Instructor and Kevin, the other person signed up for this course of level III Integrated Energy Healing. I have no awareness of my physical body, the sounds are muffled - I'm on a table with beings working on me,

They are tall, big eyes, no expression, stoic. Tinkering with things inside of me and turning 180° to what looks like a stainless steel counter top and panels. Constantly over and back at all different times. I'm passively witnessing my body being mechanically worked on. The background noises become less muffled and I returned to the massage plinth in The Beaches.

After this, I became absolutely obsessed with 9/11. I was spending hours daily doing architectural drawings for Grangeville House project and listening to the then 'open' youtube videos all about 9/11 on every angle, then came across David Wilcock, Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Doreen Virtue, Kerry Cassidy & Project Camelot testimonies which aroused my interest in US military experiments such as the philadelphia project for example.

Massive waves of me opening up to the fullness of reality. Then Sandy Hook, The London Marathon, The train bombings and other shocking events which had large chunks of information that didn't add up. When you looked into them, they more than didn't add up. This particularly became apparent on craigslist adverts seeking crisis actors and they were being repetitivly spotted at this events. For people in Ireland - craiglist is a public notice boards where you can pick up handy work, people advertise for cleaners and tilers and 1 day work and random stuff. Its used in Canada and US - its brilliant for cash work. When I was out there and needed money, you could pick up all sorts of handy jobs - real random stuff. Like donedeal for work and you could sell stuff, pretty sure its all free.

It was an interesting phenomenon that as I opened up to Archangel Energy Healing and connecting to Divine Source - waves of worldly information was coming in. Antartica was another interest of mine, I watched so many videos and testimonies of underground bases being there that the nazi's built and could be accessed by Uboat submarines. And what else was down there? The Nazi's had exceeded in dark evil debauchery and advanced building technology and nuclear craft propulsion. So fascinating.

I would see the earth from a higher plane and see humans walk around like ants, following form and I'd be trying to communicate to them "Go where ever you like, you don't have to be like this" - what I couldn't see then was the energy that was binding them and I'd keep saying "Why Humans, why are you all conforming, like ants - physically you can do this, there's way more of you, by a million to 1" - but they couldn't, they couldn't break free.

The message I kept getting as I worked on myself using Integrated Energy Skills - was to "GO HOME, YOU'VE WORK TO DO" - same message every time for months as I created a 10 year plan for a full renovation of Grangeville creating a business that would be both successful and provide for Mam and Dad in their later years, a legacy that the grandchildren could grow into if they wished..

I went home, we renovated and 10years on we got 9/10ths of it finished & SARS hit the news channels with avengence and didn't stop for a further 3 years, with noticeable patterns/gaps/chunks of information not adding up and blatantly didn't match the dialogue. The Ukranian money laundering operation was a relief as it was going on so long however we soon found out we were paying for all the money going accounted for - we pay every day at the check out. We're riding waves of psychological operations ongoing our whole existence.

Up to this myself and the father had built up the bar, guest house, outdoor public areas including a Wexford Walking Trail, Victorian Tea Rooms and I had my own Systematic Kinesiology practice which was very successful and I learned how to help people in a big way for their health. I'd spent the previous 6 years taking extended foreign holidays during winter. Home life wasn't good, however once I got away and recharged my soul, reminded myself their are nice people in this world and have a good time for myself - I was more able for the harshness of daily relationships. Being experienced in Karma Yoga (You'd have to be!) and having a goal is what drove me on against the knock backs.

Enter May 2021
Everything in my life changed. One Thursday I woke with the worst headache I'd ever felt in my life. It was as if I had been stabbed in through the top of my head to the side. It was so constant and actually painful, pains in my stomach also came it and was not feeling ok. At times my spine and hips would get so sore I'd almost cry in the bed going from side to side, baring pain each time. This intensity and those pains did not stop until I left the house and disowned the mother, after August 2023 - that's over 2 years of extreme headache and stomach pain. In all that time, I noticed the mother almost enjoying my suffering and telling me I'm taking too many supplements.

The mother became very hostile, argumentative (more than usual), harsh, constently looking to demean and find fault. The father whom I was very close to, we built the place together for 10years, became intolerant of my very presence, couldn't bare me, not one thing I said was right, putting my down infront of people. Wanted me to work more and more, give me less and less and blame all the time, everything no matter what the issue - was my fault. Then I noticed the brother I get on with & the wife who'd only a year before made any effort whatsoever were now being intolerant, hostile, dismissive - they stopped calling me by my name and referred to me as "that one" with a scowl, the older daughter was pleasantly immersed in spiteful tactics.

Couldn't tell you if the other brother had fallen out or shown ill signs since he'd stopped communicating when I was 14years old. The home environment became very unhappy for me. Everyday I was battling indignant degrading tactics. I couldn't understand it, nor explain it, everything I had done, was for them, I'd given self less service as per yoga - I felt my views of sars being made up was triggering them however it was very noticebale how all on the one page they were and how this was a orchestrated, but at that point I actually thought it was the jabs and the media making them all just show their worst side. It was deeply affecting me, I felt it was making me feel physically ill and drained, and my business also drained.

Partially this was because I was too busy running the villa and battling - but because I felt attacked and unsafe emotionally, I didn't want to bring clients into that energy. I give 100%, and I offer clients a safe healing space, so for the reason that it wasn't a safe healing space - I closed the business in August 2021. Within 2 months of the headaches and cruel behaviour I was finished in my career too. I did have some plans for teaching and had it all ready to go - however other energies interfered.

From here I dug deep into Yoga. I'd already completed a Sivananda Hatha Yoga teacher training in south India, did the advanced yoga teaching training in a mossad run ashram in the bahamas - tough, and had done 2 more teacher trainings in Goa India. Already loving yoga. Yoga is an interesting thing once you realise the main book of Yoga is the Bagavad Gita - its a war scene. the lesson of yoga is to be in the battle and remain in control of your thoughts and emotions. Yoga is discovering you are in a battle and you MUST fight. Yoga is a tough discipline, doesn't look it however its essence is WAR and that's exactly where I found myself. War with the elites, the secret military complex, the corportes, the governments, the pharma, the media, the mask wearers, arrow followers, passport seekers, society, neigbours and the family. A lot going on at once.

I did Yoga. With Kashish yoga school whom were great for finding brilliant teachers and running them ongoing for 3 years. As I write this I'm completing my 13th yoga teacher training. I wanted positive input in my field. Positive empowering words that mean something and a tough physical practice for me to move emotions and energies. I would get up in a freezing cold room at 5.45am every morning and do 90minutes yoga, have a long slow breakfast and take my time - this allowed me 4/5 hours of the day without being hurt. Although the assault was real, I was still claiming my own space and giving myself the respect I required and wasn't getting from anywhere else.

December 21st, 2022 another massive wave of information came through my field showing me what was going on behind the scenes and why I had been feeling drained. It became apparent to me that I was experiencing dark magic being directed at me. First I was shown a physio who'd assaulted me in July, using witchcraft to hurt me, then I was very clearly shown the brother in Cork, its wife and the mother partaking and paying for dark magic to be used against me. The brothers wife is a witch and it made sense, the wedding was so fucked - couldn't figure it out, witchery OK now - had no idea they even existed or took it seriously!!!

In the same way 9/11 came through - visions, images, dreams, thoughts kept coming through - like jigsawpieces fililng in blanks I didn't know were there. At this point I had no pass on witches, didn't take it seriously, hocus pocus disney fantasy - thought they were just deranged nymphs. I didn't realise they could actually manipulate energy and make things happen in reality. Huntington castle rung out so loud as the images were getting darker and darker. Once I realised the situation I was able to counter the attacks and began seeing inside of each one - so when I allowed the hit into the field I could see inside the room, the faces and what they were doing. This is where I really started to see the witches and how they worked.

By February 2023, I had become aware of the cult called the freemasons who transition their kids from birth and are very heavily involved in witch ceremony for evil motives. I really dug into this information coming through as I am really good with anatomy, I'm an architecturally and chiropractic/kinesiology trained!!! Unfolding patterns is joyful. Gosh this was a big pattern, a massive fingerprint the masons left us to identify them. You always know a mason by their skeleton. It's a cult which you are born into.

July 2023 - sinead o connor died - the brothers wife is gone to huntington castle for a mourning ceremony and the realisation hits as I look around at the brother, the daughter and the mother - 1st it was the child and I realised they had transed the child - I knew they would cos they love antifa mary lou and all things elite loving - but I wasn't ready for them all being transed. Fuck, my whole family are fully transitioned masons, and here's me a mason fighter surrounded by them - but when I went out of the house and looked at everyone I knew in the village, I realised I was the anomaly.

August 3rd - my birth day morning, every year I looked forward to it, and every year the mother especially is totally out to destroy me - so this morning I was fucking furious over the child being operated on anyways but when I saw the mother come in the door with a look of pure and utter hatred, this animal was out to ruin my day and I didn't let her - I was at boiling point because I knew she and robbie were trying to kill me and hurt me using witches, I knew I had head pain and there was no empathy whatsoever - I left the business and the house, this was just too much.

In the months after I left, the headaches relieved and my stomach improved. I wondered if it was stress with all the battles and abuse. Will say one thing about the mother, any admiral or general in the world would admire the tenacity and life long willingness to hate and at 75 years old - can step it up! That is some achievement!

Life was improving again, focusing on getting my business back up and running however I was still enduring strange energies and also certain people who were all friends with each other were coming into my field and I didnt like it - I was finding myself distancing myself from people who I'd consider a friend but was getting bad vibes off them, they noticeably had a pattern of sameness, there was something up. I felt the shadow the crows increasing. I felt there was voodoo which was part of the headaches, there was a lot of people involved in ceremony with wicked intent.

By Novemeber/December, life was a nightmare level horror story on netflix as the hatred was increasing and now I'm dealing with the reality of this being a physical murder attempt. I knew that the father and older brother wouldn't have much regard for the unseen and would think physical about it. The horror is - its your own family! Its there will and intent, they trigger the mason hit of 33 moons and the cult join the in hunt to kill for sport and back it up with life insurance policy's. I'm experiencing massive amounts of information coming through in the dream state and visions throught he day. I worked out there's 6 areas of earth doing witchcraft, each have 6 cauldrons and six witches on each 6,6,6. They work on the moons. the moon disappears and reappears 1/13th daily. They set a target for 33 moons - 2 and half years - its the families duty to call it and execute it.

There are 125 covens working on the island of ireland including the 4 major covens, 2 others are in uk. These covens seemably don't do rules like the elites - they fill their cups up with sacrifice blood and drink every 2 weeks, equal male and females - each offer a sacrifice to join and co-operate in all sacrifices - they do this for blood and power. Another shocker came before christmas when working out those involed - was how many I knew, not just that - how many were from fethard and how many locals were also taking part by getting life insurance policys and making money on the deaths. Its open to all masons - everyone can pay to play - offer no assistance to the prey - let it happen and have a celebration when the money comes in. The whole town is involved. - in both blood and sacrifice.

It's very challenging to get your own head around it as, loving these people is so deeply ingrained and why are they doing this, why is this happening to me? Why am a biological living in a mason family, why am I not a mason? Whilst also having an urgent sense of constant vigilence and awareness due to certain threat. You know there's a hit coming, you just don't know from where. Stress level max ever and rising. On this yogic journey of Self-Realisation I have come to learn I come from a incubator, alike every single mason however we carry a different bloodline.

Masons carry a serpent bloodline of 1%. I carry a very differnt bloodline. The masons kids all have operations young to alter hormones and change their appearance, which ensures that every mason is loyal to the cult. My conclusion as to why this didn't happen to me is that I was born later and in a slightly different way. Its a shame for a mason family to carry a biological child. They have very strong views on Gods children. Biologicals later get hunted by the cult for pleasure and finance - and this is where I found myself.

It sounds like a crazy moulder and skully case - however I was living through a surreal and unreal situation and no matter what way you twsited it - the skeleton said everything. You can't deny the physicality of what's infront of you. Then the behaviour - what people call narcissist's are thy, its an impassionate predatorial nature and sincere dislike for humanity. They are born predators and I found as of May 2021 - money is an ultimate goal. Everyone, including them are disposable of. It becomes a big issue once they get the taste of blood, alike a dog who bites, they'll alwasy bite - they can't seem to get the taste out of their mouths and always want more., they become illogical and tunnel visioned. That is not a good thing, and that is the reason for the covens and so many more groups on moon nights are devoting themselves to demons. It's real. It's really happening. There are many young women and older men having untimely deaths due to these processes. it appears to be highly addictive and lowers their conciousness greatly every single time.

January 2024
Afterdays of a severe fever in my bowel, rattling my whole body for 10 full days, 10 days of no food and 3 days of no fluids - I endured 12hours of A&E and spent 6 days on fluids. On the day my friend came and called emergency services, a local paramedic arrived first and out me on IV fluids and pain relief - the brother was witnessed put a clear fluid into items in the fridge and presses, acting sinister and cold towards the helpers.

Came back to Grangeville to recover as I was so weak, hadn't eaten in 2 weeks. Recovery was really really slow, too slow - by end of January my cats were very unwell and I was very sketchy about foods and had my own fridge, on the 11th of February I woke with the same intense stabbing headache that I had for 2 years and had forgotten about - It hit me like a tonne of bricks, It was Ellie, she had been poisoning the food. We had it out and I was in so much pain, it was profusely denied.. By March I still wasn't able to eat solid foods, my stomach was too sore and not recovering. A couple of more smaller things happened and also to the father, didn't eat the dinner St. Paddys Day and the father did , he was forgetul and very inflammed for days, so I knew she was putting something into the foods. I'd stopped eating from the kitchen was was finally improving.

I noticed a pattern, whenever she'd go up to the brothers wife's around full moons she'd come back with stronger stuff, and how I knew that was another brutal attack - my insides were so burnt and my bowel was rattling, it was actually shaking - they call is spasming, it was hopping and it was shaking all my internal organs, my heart and lungs were shaking. I went to A&E after callling 999 reporting that the mother had poisoned me, I saw the cats sick for a week before this and had changed all their foods now she'd got me and it hurt so so much, much stomach was completely burnt inside.

A&E was pretty much pointless however it got me out of the house and away from this person as I was so weak and hurting, lay on the floor the whole time. I insisted on blood tests for poisoning and their lab didn't do it, went to a thing called a nurse up the road and they don't do those tests as no lab tests for poisons, however said they would if I found one, I did find one in France which required 5ml blood sample, urine sample and 2ml serum frozen. The doctors don't do it. Went to beaumont the main posion and phlebotomy centre of Ireland and we were refused the tests by the management. Wrote to the minister for health and justice, received a notice they got my email and that was all. Uncovered an even bigger crime by the state - intentional poisonings and being hidden intentionally.

I didin't realise until then that I was being poisoned the entire time, and now I knew I had been poisoned the the two years I had the headaches. I also knew the posion used at christmas was the same as what was coming from the hill faction married to the brother. The gaurds never got in touch with me by the way, they left a business card with the father.. During this time of looking for a lab to test for poisons, I wrote to over 60 laboratories testing blood and not one of the island of Ireland nor the Uk anywhere test for any harmful poisons such as rat poison. Not one. Not even the police, the guards, the pathologists. The national statistic centre shows no one ever has died from poisoning. The state patholigist has never ever noticed a poisoning as a cause, has many sudden deaths - no one is poisoned!!!! There's a stench here os mason life insurance policy's. This is indeed a death cult.

broken image

My discovery of self discovery is that the entire family, cousins, distant relations, neighbours, business people I don't even know and so many others were all willing and wanting my death.
The village where I am from. It's a norman village - which didn't mean anything until I realised the skeletons indicate cult and the place is entirel cult. And I looked into every premature female death in the area and I could see that pattern of chunks of information not sitting right at all. Peoples behavious being a little clockwork.

When I looked for help the rather unhelpful guards were masons, the doctors were masons, the hospital management, the county council were masons, amnesty international were masons, the laboratory's, the governement ministers, the taoiseach, the president - who was going to help when the whole system are vultures and would happily invest in insurance policy's and join the hunt. Where do you go for help? To be supported, healed, heard - God, cos around here its all predators, its a big dirty swamp. No one cares about anyone else. No one. Toxic. The strangest thing is heroin actually calms these bloodsuckers down - its vibration is so low it brings everyone else low, these guys are actually so completely low in vibration it actually raises them!!!

There existence is the reason the world is so harsh and cruel. We're run by serpent energy. It is cold and domineering, very destructive unfortunately - not good for anyone including the masons yet they are steering the ship into rough waters on purpose.

May 2024
The images have lessened yet deepened. I can see the breeding hybrid programs of nazi Germany. I can see the greys were created by merging serpent, human and whale. They were also successful with arachnids and dolphin breeding programs. Genetically modifying humans and building design specific models for army stuff etc.

I see the world of crystals and diamonds beneath the earth from before the flood.

In 1983 Charlie Haughty decided to break the cult. Charlie saw what was happening underneath the surface and by what means the evil empire was being run. It was Charlie who decided to make it stop. There's a batch of beings, 532 in total, whom are a 1983/1984 batch and have an Ancient Irish Bloodline. There presence is well documented as known as there are large bonds attached to their names. Every single one of them are being hunted by the state and by their families. They are here to break to the cult. They cannot be broken. They cannot be murdered. The help they came to earth with is mightier than all your covens combined, and thats ineach one of them.

You dumb fucks would want to stop hurting them and get behind them because we're here to fix this mess and its going to happen - come Hell or High Water [experienced in both]- your cult is getting buried this year. And we will get our money!